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  • high courts order to the UP government regarding lockdown in the cities.
  • UP governments reply to the HC order.
  • Reason for the court to give order regarding lockdown to UP government.

Uttar Pradesh government has refused to contrivance the order of Allahabad high court saying that they will not impose total lockdown in any city for now. High court’s order. With the covid-19 curve showing no signs of easing in Uttar Pradesh, the high court on Monday instructed a lockdown in five cities till April 26th and castigated the state government for the present anarchic health problems. Noting that the rise in cases under the second wave of infections has practically paralyzed all the medical base of Uttar Pradesh, the high court ordered the lockdown in Prayagraj, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, and Gorakhpur. Those in the Helm of matters of governance are to be condemned for the present-day chaotic health problems said the High court. The court noted that although putting lockdown to public activities was a matter, purely like a policy decision by the alarmed government, the court had to step in since the UP government had not yet sketched out any concrete plan to tackle the situation. In its order the court said, If we don’t impose lockdown now if we want to break down the chain then that won’t be happening without the lockdown. So at least two weeks lockdown is compulsorily required. It’s a disgrace that the government knows the second wave can be more impactful than before but the government didn’t take any precautionary planning before said the two-judge bench of Allahabad. UP government reply UP government will not enforce a complete lockdown in the cities but inflict a strict constraint. The UP government is presenting its reply before the court on its observations. All the hawkers including fruits and vegetable vendors, milk vendors, and bread vendors shall go off the road by 11 Am every day till 26th April 2021 stated the order. It added that along with protecting lives the livelihood of the poor has to be averted. Therefore, there will not be a total lockdown in the cities. People are automatically shutting down many places willingly. If hearsays are to be considered then the UP government is also anticipated to approach the Supreme court against the Allahabad High court order to impose lockdown in Allahabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur city, and Gorakhpur. Reason for the court to give this order. As the second covid wave came especially in UP the rise in the covid cases has increased drastically. In UP on Monday the caseload of active cases was recorded at 2,00,000. And in the last 24hrs, 28,287 new cases were recorded. After Maharashtra, UP is the next worst-hit state. state. And not long ago the supreme court stays Allahabad high courts order which imposed lockdown in 5 cities.


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