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  • The diplomatic escalation between Prague and Moscow since the cease of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
  • delineate of renewed tensions between Russia and the Czech Republic.
  • Russia expels 20 Czechs after blast blamed on Skripal suspects.

A day after the Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian envoys the kremlin on Sunday retaliated by declaring it would send back 20 Czech diplomats, intensifying relations that have already been tense in recent times. Prague had indicted Russian embassy officials of being information operatives and said that it alleged them of being embroiled in 2014 volatile at an arms depot that left two dead. Russians offered scattering denunciation of the Czech Republic decision saying in their desire to please the United States not in favor of the background of the recent US restriction against Russia Czech specialists in this reverence even outstripped their masters from across the pond. Last year in June Russia was arraigned of being behind a poisoning jolt focusing on Czech politicians involving the mayor of Prague. Prague had then expelled 2 Russian envoys Moscow did the same. 2014 blast According to Czech information, Russian operatives were engaged in an October 2014 blast at an arms storage depot in a wooded part of the country near the borders with Slovakia. Two people who worked there died and their stays were found after more than a month. The skirmish was then considered an accident. However, probing work by the Czech authorities led them to lay the blame on Russia specifically unit 29155 of the GRU intelligence agency. Reports in Czech media asserted that munitions at the depot were designed for Ukraine to fight Russia-backed forces or to forces against the Syrian government of Bashar al- Assad, which Russia supports. Link to Salisbury attack. So, three years before in Salisbury, two people were killed one was a former Russian double agent and his daughter Yulia was poisoned while another was a local woman dawn Sturges was killed months later by Novichok traces on a discarded perfume bottle. Czech police have uncovered two men in link with the blast were Alexander Mishkin and Anatoly Chepiga. So basically, what happened was the two of them had booked lodging near the blast site from October 13 to 17th and the explosion occurred on 16th October. the pair went to Austria and took a flight to Moscow which is on the same day of the explosion. Russia has denied all the allegations calling them absurd. The consular rise between Prague and Moscow is considered to be the most serious since 1989 when the soviet dominance of eastern Europe ended. It also adds to the aggravation of the relations between the West and Russia which are already being examined by the Russian military construct-up on its western frontier as well as in Crimea which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014. so now finally the US has also said that it stands with its NATO ally in its firm retort against Russian seditious actions on the Czech soil on Sunday the US national security consultant Jake Sullivan said that Washington had cautioned Moscow that there will be consequences. If failed opposition leader Alexei Navalny perishes while in the detention centre where he is on famine strike.


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