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  • reason for defrost of glaciers
  • Reason for the glacial lake to appear red.
  • formation of glaciers.

Scientists from ISRO have reported the presence of a new glacial lake in the northeast Himalayas. Based on satellite pictures held over the past 20 years it is said to have reddish-brown waters. Scientist has been monitoring and cramming these glaciers for the past 50 years and uncovered this lake recently. The lake is about 5060 meters above sea level, near the Zanskar valley, Ladakh. It is 11 kilometers from the adjoining village and encompasses an area of nearly 0.2 square kilometers. The researchers imply that the lake is either being fed by a glacier and it either been developed or been extended due to glacial melt caused due to climatic change. Formation of glaciers. Glaciers are made of tiers of condensed snow that move or flow due to gravity and the softness of ice comparative to rock. A glacier tongue can expand hundreds of kilometers from its high loftiness roots, and the end of the snout can go ahead or withdraw based on snow hoard or melting. These glaciers are found on every continent apart from Australia. A large gathering of glaciers is found here. Melting of the glaciers. The Himalayan lake is made from the northeastern glacial melt and scholars believe that climate change plays a substantial role in its creation. Glaciers around the world are receding due to rising snowlines as air temperature rises in higher elevations triggering more thawing and less snow build-up according to NASA earth observatory. Recently the glaciers are thawing, and the lakes are bloating rapidly. Like the lake in Sikkim which has been doubled before it was 2,600 ft but now it is 5,200 ft. this has increased the risks of swamping in the nearby valleys, especially GOLF. Proglacial lakes are formed after glacier evacuation and are often bound by dregs and sarsen formation. Additional water or pressure or underlying weakness can cause both natural and manmade dams to burst to send a mass of floodwater pouring down the river and streams fed by the glaciers. Reason for the lake to appear red. Lakes come in distinct sizes and colors, such as blue, pink, green, and brown. It seems that the Himalayan glacial lakes are no separate since scientists recently discovered an uncommon and inimitable feature of the Zanskar valley, Ladakh. The red color of the lake Is due to the indigenous geology and iron-rich minerals of the region like haematite and goethite that intermingle with a show and glacial melt waters and consequently deposits red deferral in the lake. The lake's inimitable geochemistry and the molecular reflects the light at a longer wavelength make it to the Himalayan glacial lake be found red.


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