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  • Delhi Oxygen Crisis is a National Health Emergency .
  • Supreme court to give a clear instructions to the center regarding the crisis.
  • SC seek answers from the central government regarding the issues instructed.

Sir Ganga ram hospital today morning sends an SOS to the Delhi government. Today in the morning, Ganga ram hospital stated that 25 sickest patients have died in the last 24hrs and now there are eight extreme ill patients and says that the oxygen will last another two hours only and the ventilators and BiPAP are not working effectively. Resorting to manual ventilation in ICUs and emergency is a significant crisis likely. The hospital director stated that the Lives of another 60 sickest patients are at risk and need urgent intervention. And many other hospitals are like that in the same situation recently max hospital in Patparganj in Delhi puts a petition in Delhi high court stating that only 3hrs of oxygen and more than 400 patients in the hospital and in that about 262 patient’s life is in danger. Supreme court- decision. A day after India’s daily new covid-19 cases traversed the forbidding 3-lakh mark amid frantic cries for oxygen in hospitals, the supreme court on Thursday on its own took grasp of what it called a national health emergency and asked the centre to furnish within 24hrs a national plan on strengthening the supply of oxygen, medicines, treatment, and vaccines. As the surge of the epidemic laid bare the chinks in the country’s health infrastructure with many patient’s kin unable to find scare hospital beds, a bench of chief justices S A Bobde and justices L N Rao and S Ravindra Bhat decided to step in and seek an action plan from the centre by Friday. And the supreme court also stated that there is a lot of chaos happening in the country, and everyone is going to the high courts and dealing with all these situations. The judges are doing their best, and because of this, judges are losing their cool. Some of the judges are using intemperate language. The high court is rightly exercising its jurisdiction, but this creates a lot of confusion and diversion of resources. One high court thinks they may have greater priority over other jurisdictions, but this may not possibly be even-handed, says CJI. The bench said it did not intend to supersede the order of any state. If the centre had any national plan drafted, it could present the same before the concerned high courts. Like by stating these, they even noted the examples of the high court decision that the Delhi HC had on Wednesday told the centre to beg, borrow or steal oxygen for supplying Delhi hospitals. All through stating this example, the Supreme court said that using such language they are using in the judgment. The high courts also stated the lockdown scenario in which the supreme court gave a stay to the HC decision. Supreme court here a clear giving instructions to the centre to do some things first. Here supreme court says that on three main issues, the situation must be seen, that is, • Setting up a national body for reasonable distribution of these resources. • Pondering essential medicines and medical equipment along with oxygen as essential commodities under ESMA. • Logistics for seamless inter-state distribution of medicines and oxygen. On these three issues, SC has asked for an answer from the central government. So from the centre, Tushar Mehta, after an around-the-clock argument regarding the supply of oxygen and later has mentioned an application by Vedanta seeking to restart its copper plant but only for medical oxygen. Even Vedanta has said that if they are given permission, they will produce 1000 oxygen cylinders a day and give it free of cost. But the Tamil Nadu government had opposed this and stated that before, it was opposed by the supreme court itself. Regarding this, a specific decision has to be taken. And by tomorrow the government will take a necessary decision regarding this.


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