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  • About UN ECOSOC organisation.
  • about the functions of Commission on crime prevention and criminal justice.
  • about the functions of The executive board of women of the world food program and UN Women

India was not long ago elected to the following three carcasses of the United Nations. • Commission on crime prevention and criminal justice • The executive board of UN Women, • The executive board of women of the world food program. All these three bodies work under the UN Economic and social council(UN ECOSOC). India was nominated to all these three bodies by acclamation. Acclamation is respecting someone. Electing a member country through acclamation does not use a plebiscite. Nevertheless, other representative countries were nominated through secret ballot to these bodies. India’s term on these bodies begins on January 1, 2022. When a clean state is introduced for an election in the United Nations, the vote takes place through acclaim. A pure form means there is no record of substantiation of any problems or broken rules. The secret ballot shall be distributed when election by acclamation takes place in the United Nations. Election by acclamation is not allowed in all UN bodies. Election by acclamation is wholly disregarded in some UN bodies, such as the Human Rights council. About UN ECOSOC It is one of the six principal organs of the UN. It is accountable for coordinating the societal and economic fields of the association, specifically concerning the 15 concentrated agencies the five regional commissions under the jurisdiction of the eight functional commissions. It is also acting as a central forum to discuss the global social and economic problems and devising policy commendations addressed to the representatives of states. Commission on crime prevention and criminal justice. The commission acts as the superintendent policy-making body of the United Nations in the arena of crime prevention and criminal justice. ECOSOC provided for the CCPCJ edict and prime concern in the resolution 1992/23, which involves enhancing international actions to combat national and transnational crime and the efficiency and impartiality of criminal justice administration systems. The CCPCJ also offers member states a forum for swapping proficiencies insight into and info to develop national and international tactics and identify significances for tackling crime. UN Women. UN entity devoted to gender equality and empowerment of women. UN Women was founded to hasten development on gathering their requirements globally. It intends to endorse inter-governmental bodies such as the commission on the status of women in their articulation of policies of universal requirements and norms. And to aid member states to execute these benchmarks. The executive board of women of the world food program Delivering food assistance in an urgent situation and working with communities to develop nutrition and build resistance. It was initiated in 1961 by the food and agriculture institution and the UNGA, with its center of operations in Rome, Italy. It is also a member of the UNSDG, a confederacy of UN agencies and corporations aimed at fulfilling sustainable advancement goals. The international community has devoted itself to ending starvation, attaining food security, and enhance nutrition by 2030. The WFP aids 88 countries and has assisted 97 million people in 2019, the leading number since 2012.


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