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  • Glacial lake outburst flood in the Uttarakhand's Chamoli district.
  • regarding GOLF.
  • necessary precautionary measures to prevent damage of human life.

A glacier burst has been reported near the India – china border in Sumna village of Uttarakhand Chamoli Garhwal district. Though, no loss of life or damage has been reported so far—glacial lake outburst flood. The highly discussed situation was what glaciologist like to call a GLOF or glacial lake outburst flood. It is an allusion to swamping caused downriver due to dereliction in a glacial lake. Receding glaciers like numerous in the Himalayas usually results from the creation of lakes at their tip-offs called proglacial lakes, frequently bound only by dregs and gaffe. Suppose the limits of these lakes are flouted. In that case, it can lead to enormous expanses of water sprinting down to adjoining streams and rivers, gathering impetus on the way by collecting up dreg of rocks and other material and stemming in flooding downstream. The glacier surge purportedly took place due to heavy snowfall in the region.

Army sources say that the glaciers spurt took place near the post of 8 battalion ITBP between malari and Sumna village near the BRO office. The central army command is carting out rescue operations. Chief officials of the Border road organization are striving to create contact with workers engaged in road edifice activities in the area. Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand government has dispensed ensuing alert news of the glacier surge. And yesterday, in late-night, the chief minister Tirath Singh Rawat has tweeted, and he has said that he got the information on the subject of this upsurge. He also said that all the works concerning the infrastructure and the NTPC work now have been stopped for now. So that further, no mishap would happen. And DGP again on 23rd in the night tweeted and said that he said that they could not make any contact because of the bad weather. As it was showing continuously, they couldn’t make any contact. So there is still to look upon whether something terrible did not happen. There isn’t much news regarding this, but a high alert is kept. Sources in the national disaster rejoinder force said the water level in the Rishi Ganga river has soared by two feet. They said there is no data of any unseemly skirmish so far. The sources said that severe snowfall in that area in the past few days stemmed from a glacier surge near the Sumna and Malari villages. Upriver on the Rishi Ganga river close to the raini village in the same niti valley, a glacial burst had occurred on February 7, leading to a flash flood in the Rishiganga and Dhauliganga rivers and overwhelming the site of two hydropower projects downstream. A total of 204 people had gone lost from various sites. So far, 80 bodies have been retrieved while 124 are still disappeared. Last week one body was recovered from the torrent site throughout the ejection of debris near Dhauliganga in the tapovan area. So this type of situation happens when something big happens.


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