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  • reasons for this recommendation.
  • whether the recommendation is only based on hypothetical or even scientific based.
  • other countries with similar recommendations.

DR. V K Paul, in a press conference he said that to break the chain of covid transmission, then it's time to wear a mask even at home. His recommendation comes as India reported a record of more than 3 lakh new cases on Monday and more than 2k deaths in the last 24hrs. Seeing all this, he recommended wearing a mask is a necessity even in the house. Similarly, even the US centres for disease control and protection made similar recommendations when any outside person comes indoors. It is necessary to wear a mask even in the household. The reason for this recommendation Covid-19 is spreading primarily from one person to another person through respiratory droplets, which travel in the air when someone coughs, speaks, sneezes, sings, or even shouts. These droplets can land in their mouth or nose of other people in the vicinity or maybe breathed in if one talk. Again, a large population does not show symptoms. This is asymptomatic, so because of which is a faster rate the virus is spreading all the members present in the house. De. Paul stressed that even when asymptomatic people talk as they are not aware of the virus when speaking, they can quickly spread the virus. That is the reason why they have suggested wearing masks even in the house. But here, a question arises: why during the second wave this is recommended but not during the first time? A substantial amount of the susceptible population in India has been screening severe signs, including brevity of breath, and may have necessitated hospitalisation. The surge in the prerequisite of oxygen beds has swamped the health infrastructure. Masks are mainly aimed to protect others from Covid-19 rather than just the wearer. Therefore, the advice is sought at breaching the chain of diffusion and at guarding those at the highest risk. This is mainly directed at two primary outcomes those are. • Firstly, senior people and those with co-morbidities can be guarded substantially even if one family member has a symptomless infection. • Secondly, it can lessen the local house epidemic that has commemorated the second wave. But here, the question that arises is whether the government gave any scientific evidence apart from the theoretical base? The government mentioned from the North Carolina Department of health and human science that there is an insignificant risk of transmission when there is a gap of 6 feet between two persons and when both of them are wearing a mask. According to the information cited, the peril is 1.5% (low) when both the persons are wearing a mask, 5% when only the infected person is wearing a mask. Uninfected persons are exposed, 30% (high) if the infected person is not wearing a mask. Still, the pure person is wearing one, and 90%(extreme) when neither the infected nor the uninfected is wearing a mask. Apart from all these, he also suggested that if it is unnecessary to go outside the home, it will be better avoided. And during covid, if they are in house isolation and lack facilities for isolation, they can visit the necessary corona care centres.


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