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  • Reason for EC to launch legal actions against AstraZeneca.
  • AstraZeneca’s retort to the legal actions.
  • Position of serum institute

On Monday, the European Commission started legal actions against AstraZeneca over the blemish in the company’s supply of vaccines to the European Union, a controversial problem between the two for a few weeks now. Earlier in March, numerous European countries had momentarily stopped using the vaccine after reports of blood clots surfaced. However, the European governing body said that the known advantages of the vaccine offset the impending risks—reason for EC to launch legal actions against AstraZeneca. Wrangles between the EC and the Anglo-Swedish company have been unending for a few weeks right now. AstraZeneca began the distribution of vaccines to the EU in February, and beneath its contract with the alliance, it vowed to send about 300 million doses by the end of June. Though, in mid-march, the company proclaimed a deficit in vaccine freight meant for the EU. It would give 100 million doses in the first half of 2021, of which 30 million amounts would be distributed in the first quarter. The company alluded to a lower-than-expected yield from the manufacturing process as one of the grounds for the shortage. It said that it would pay off by obtaining vaccines from its international supply network—vaccination in Europe. In terms of a definite number, the UK is prominent in Europe and is way upfront of the rest of Europe, with over 46 million vaccinations. Germany, turkey, and France follow 25 million, 21 million, and 19 million doses, respectively. The setback in delivering the AstraZeneca vaccine is decelerating down the EU vaccination drive since it primarily depended on this vaccine.

Nevertheless, after continual cuts in the supplies, it is now mainly relying on the vaccine developed by Pfizer-Bio N Tech. AstraZeneca’s retort to the legal actions. In response to the EC’s decision, the company has said that it is just about to deliver about 50 million doses to European countries by the end of April. AstraZeneca has entirely amassed the improved purchase accord with the European Commission and will firmly uphold itself in court. We have confidence in any lawsuit without merit. We welcome their chance to solve this battle as soon as possible, said the company in a statement—position of serum institute. Previously in January, when the vaccine acquired emergency use approval from India, AstraZeneca said in one of its assertions that the support of this vaccine is a massive breakthrough for middle- and small-income countries worldwide world. Many vaccine coalitions like GAVI, WHO, CEPI, and many others in an alliance led a program name COVAX where vaccines are distributed to the countries around. In June 2020, the company reached a licensing deal with SII to supply one billion doses of vaccine to low- and middle-income countries vowed to deliver about 400 million doses before the end of 2020 under this program. This objective is to certify the unbiased dissemination of COVID-19 vaccines globally. Through this COVAX program, the first country that received the vaccine is Ghana. About 6 lakh doses of oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine produced by SII were dispatched to Accra in Ghana. But seeing all the people started to exacerbate the government, saying that the domestic requirements are not fully covered yet. They asserted that vaccine negotiation hurts its own domestic needs. So by all these the government stopped up the export. As of now, the vaccine is distributed to 95 countries all around the world. These 95 countries don’t involve the 26 members of the EU. It is not clear to what degree India's ban on exports of the vaccine has obstructed AstraZeneca's supply chain to the EU.


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