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  • Chief Minister also launched AgnishamaSeva portal through which 16th fire related services can be availed in a hassle-free manner
  • Fire safety regulations in India.
  • things demonstrated in the fire part.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the Fire Park. In India, this is the first kind of park that has been inaugurated. The main aim of this park is to talk about fire safety measures and make them aware of these safety measures. As we heard of many fire accident cases, like once in Gujarat, a coaching centre was caught in a fire, and many children were hurt, and some died, so these cases happen and seemed to be heard in different corners of the country. One of the reasons for all this is urbanisation also. So recently, the Odisha government has unveiled a virtual online portal called AgnishamaSeva. This is said to be Odisha’s fire service virtual platform. This park is situated within the Odisha fire and disaster academy grounds, which is located in Bhubaneswar. The park will be accessible to the public every Saturday from 3:30- 5:30 pm. Here demonstrations will be provided on the usage of first aid fire-fighting apparatus's, salvage, and disaster operations trip to exhibition hall screening of film and dissemination of handouts on the fire safety will be a part of the endeavours. Students from school and colleges will be the focus group. The fire park is undoubtedly a way to educate and Enhance awareness of the fundamental fire safety measures among most students. It is no qualm an effort in the right path to building a safety-compliant citizenry.

Overall, in Odisha, 16 fire-related services are available now to the citizens on the online mode in the portal WWW., the chief minister, instructed the fire services department to continue to place precedence on the response mechanism under the Mo Sarkar to make sure hassle-free and time-bound essential services to the public. Fire safety regulations in India. Fire services In India fall beneath the 12th schedule of the constitution under Article 243W of the constitution. The execution function listed in the 12th schedule falls under the realm of the municipalities. Presently the fire prevention and fighting services are coordinated by the concentrated states, UT, and urban local bodies. Fire safety services in a few states like Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, etc., are concerning municipal corporations. In the other left-over states, it is in the department of the home ministry. In India, the regular fire service as a department was made into existence about 215 years ago. Firstly, the services got set up in Bombay in the 1800s, followingly in Calcutta in the 1820 period and then in Delhi in 1860’s period and Madras in 1908. Recently in India, fire fighting services and deterrence providers conveyed the unsatisfactory situation of the fire contingents in India. They notify about the weak state of tools by saying that they are ill-equipped and unorganised. The building construction and fire safety is a matter of NBC. as per the code of fire prevention and fire protection is subjected to state.


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