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  • proliferate of fees
  • emendation to be done on fee structure.
  • eventuality since allowing private schools to hike fees.

Maharashtra government to regulate private schools. Recently, the Maharashtra ministry of education has passed a directive to the state education department saying that to create a plan through that plan to take action against private schools that indiscriminately or arbitrarily increase their fees. If we see Maharashtra’s government then since October 2020 the state education department has given many directives to the schools to refund the fee as the fee indiscriminately is increased. The ministry of education of Maharashtra has also recommended a ban on school fees in a case in the Bombay high court. Now the question rises is in Maharashtra private schools are indiscriminately increasing the price or not. So an analysis was done and it was found that in 2017 the previous BJP government led by Devendra Fadnavis had amended an act saying Maharashtra educational institution act 2011 but became active in 2018, allowing the private schools to hike the fees by 15 percent every two years. From the time it became active that is from 2018 rise in fees is in high. Happenings since the amendment. Since the amendment in 2017, the act has been used by private schools to hike school fees exponentially. And now due to the covid-19 situation schools have used this unforeseen covid-19 situation to further increase the fee for the online services. And also charges such as extracurricular activities, uniforms, and books, fees remain largely unregulated. According to the NSSO on average household spends as much as Rs.24073 per child/year on school education in Maharashtra. And now the question rises in Maharashtra a state where there has been a great tradition so an irony alert that a state like Maharashtra where education for all is been promoted for more than 200 years. As for say Shahu has promoted education and promoted education and apart from that Jyotiba Phule spoke about education for all and Ambedkar has also warned regarding the privatization of schools. So, where Shahu-Phule-ambedkarite tradition in that place this is happening. What is happening in Maharashtra? For few years Maharashtra has seen the systematic dismantling of the right to education in favour of private schools and private school management. -Division fee regulatory committees have been stripped of the penal power and grievance redressal. -Maharashtra has seen a 111 percent rise in private schools between 2013-14 to 2017-18. - poor and socially disadvantage homes have been flouted with impunity due to the guarantee of 25% reservations in private schools under RTE section 12(1)(c) According to the U-DISE that is a unified district information system of education in that Maharashtra population has 11.8%SC,9.3%ST and 2.64% disabled persons out of which, SC student’s enrollment in unaided private schools has been around 8.7% from 2013-18, ST student’s enrollment is around 4% and children with disabilities have dropped from 1-0.8%. Recent development Recently the Maharashtra government brought a resolution in which it told the department of education to actively seek suggestions from the people saying how they want the educational institutions regulation of fee amendment act. regarding the fee hike issue, the Maharashtra government has set up an expert committee. And recently the Maharashtra education department has formed a committee to prepare a report on NEP.


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