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  • extending postal ballots to NRI
  • no postal ballots for this election.
  • contemporaneous process of voting.

During December or so an issue which was on a search that is NRI’s who are there for then the postal ballot should be given so that they can vote. But they were expecting to see the postal ballot in the elections that are to happen in Assam, West Bengal, etc. but the election commission has cleared that for the time being there is no postal ballot for NRI’s. in the last year, the election commission told the law ministry and gave the application saying that they want this postal ballot system to expand to the overseas electors. But this is not seen in the 2021 elections. Present scenario Presently the postal voting system is restricted. It is only for those people who are in the army, navy, air force, or armed police forces so only for these people the postal ballot voting is present. This facility is available to those government employees who live outside India and their spouses. Now the question rises are, if we see the present situation then the Indian citizens who are living abroad that is for those NRI’s what is the current process of voting? Then if see the NRI’s if they want to vote they have to come under their constituency. Suppose if say there is a person under Assam, but he lives in Malaysia then he has to come to Assam and be present himself then only the vote is said to be valid otherwise not. And also, along with that original passport has to be produced. Presently this is the only process/ procedure that has been introduced. And if we see the voting rights then the voting rights to the NRI’s is given in 2011 through the representation of the peoples 1950 in this amendment was made and, in this voting, rights are given to the NRI’s. apart from that if see the report of the United Nations then in 2015 the report came in that it showed that the Indians who live outside are the largest for about 16 million people live outside India. in the last year during the Lok Sabha elections, it was found that roughly 25000 of them flew back to India to vote. And seeing all these a 12-member committee is made after the 2014 election and in that it is said that what should be done to the NRI’s regarding the voting regarding this to study three options is given to them those are either vote through the post, vote through India mission abroad or online vote. In 2015 when the panel was set in that panel it is said that the postal voting is quite better other options are quite different. This was passed and recently, the law minister has accepted this proxy voting. So, there was a thinking that this will be done for the elections, but permission is not given for the time being.


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