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  • oxfam tells about gender inequality.
  • disclosure of endemic gender inequality.
  • economic and social impact due to covid-19.

Economic impact: As we know the working labor/ population of women in India is quite less and now due to pandemic the woman is losing jobs. Oxfam India has estimated and found that the number of women that are losing jobs is about 216 billion $ which around about 8% of India’s GDP. Similarly, the international labor organization the specialized agency of the UN they said for about 81% of the Indian women work in the informal sector and due to which the informal sector is worst hit by the slowdown because covid-19 the lockdown and slowdown which has happened has hit mostly to the informal sector and people working in that sector. Similarly, the women working in SHG’s are affected due to pandemics. And temporarily the working of SHG’s is disrupted. And here many women are facing a permanent exit from the labor market. This complete topic is also called a feminization of income poverty. Social impact : Migrant colleen: several of the million if migrant toiler were forced to escape cities for his/her rural homes with very little notice were women. They have safety concerns, with travel risks for many. Domestic responsibilities that women bear-like cooking and cleaning have escalated. As women in Indian families tend to eat last and the least, financial strain and food shortage affect women's s nutrition more than men. Gender inequality in food insecurity will be intrusted further following. Increase in domestic violence: there has been a more than two-fold rise in the complaint of domestic violence since lockdown. Lockdown imposing stricter control on mobility: puts women in an abusive relationship at extremely high risk of damage from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Disturbance in relationships: due to stay home rules economic uncertainty and anxieties caused by the pandemic. disruption in the support system: health care suppliers and therefore the policies square measure overcome and beneath employees, force shelters square measure closed or full. Government initiatives to help domestic violence victims. Challenging one: stop centres, which provide legal and psycho-social help to the survivor of gender-based violence, are linked with local medical teams, policy, and the national legal service authority. The Uttar Pradesh police launched an initiative in march to suppress corona not your voice, asking battered women to call a helpline number to enable women, police officers, to reach them following a complaint. Judicial intervention- Delhi high court directed the state and the center to take measures to protect women from domestic violence.


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