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  • ULPIN is launched by the center in 10 states and will be set for all states by 2022.
  • boon of ULPIN.
  • compliance of ULPIN.

The land parcel is said to be a large portion area of land. And now the ULPIN (unique land parcel identification number) that is brought forward is for all types of land parcels. This solution is given by the parliamentary standing committee and this one is accepted by the government of India recently. After that government of India has launched this ULPIN. This scheme, for now, is launched in ten states. This system will be rolled out in the whole country by March 2022. ULPIN pilot testing presently carried out in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Bihar, Odisha, Goa, Sikkim, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. The complete program is started under the digital India land records modernization program. This LRMP is run by the government for a long time. This was brought under digital India in 2015. Through this only, the ULPIN is launched. What is ULPIN? ULPIN is a unique 14-digit alphanumeric id. Just like a pan id no. and for each piece of land, a unique no will be there that is the reason this is called an Aadhar card for a land name is also given. the number will be used to identify every surveyed parcel of land and the Id no is given based on the latitude and longitude coordinate of the parcel of land. The estimated cost of ULPIN According to the parliamentary panel report, the estimated cost would be up to 50 lakh per district. And apart from this cost extra 250, Cr cost would be required to start this ULPIN. Benefits of this ULPIN • In India on this timeline value of land is still valued high. But still, now the pieces of land are not properly mapped out yet. If the land is properly mapped out and a number is given to that then a land bank can be developed. • And through this in due process, an integrated land information management system can be established. Where all the land records can be kept up to date. • This system helps in preventing land fraud mainly in rural areas. • Generally sharing the land records from one department to another department is difficult. Because one – one department follow different matrix. So, by this now a set sharing of land record data across the department will be set. Compliance In India, in different states, different methods are used to measure the land. Like in Haryana bigha means different and in Rajasthan bigha means different. In the whole of India, Acer and hector are almost the same but the local words that are used are different. So through ULPIN if the land is measured then that particular state measurements cant be used some international standards are required to be used for the measurement. And under this two types of standards are being used are; electronic commerce code management association standard and open geospatial consortium standards.


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