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  • what is the requirement of remdesivir.
  • grounds on banning remdesivir.
  • why didn't the production of remdesivir increased even with in increasing cases.

As covid cases started increasing again, many states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh have started reporting a shortage of anti-viral injection remdesivir. And seeing this on Sunday the directorate of foreign trade which comes under the ministry of commerce and industry has issued an order of banning the export of the remdesivir and apart from that the drug that is used to make remdesivir which is called the active pharmaceutical ingredient that is the raw material on that also ban is imposed. Now the question arises why this remdesivir is so important and seeing the covid-19 cases the demand for this remdesivir increases? When the coronavirus enters our body then this virus tries to replicate and becomes active as it enters the human body. This coronavirus releases a particular type of enzyme because of which replicates. So, this remdesivir stops the replication of this enzyme. So once the enzyme is stopped then this replication of this virus stops and slowly the virus stops, and people get better. So, this remdesivir is said to be a good solution, when a lot of cases were coming then this is said to be in peak use. The manufacturing of this remdesivir was happened in 2014 to treat Ebola and since then it is used to treat SARS, MERS and it was found that it is also used in treating covid-19. Many clinical experiments show that this works best when the covid-19 is found at starting stage when it did not spread then it works effectively but later uses have a very little effect. Many have raised the question that covid-19 is there since last year then why didn’t the production of remdesivir has increased in India? If we see the last two-three months production of remdesivir was completely nil. No manufacturer was not producing this. Even if production was happening it was negligible. Because what happened is when last year when covid-19 was at a peak. These pharmaceutical manufactures thought the demand for this remdesivir will increase then they produced a lot but during October and November time frame the cases were started reducing and at last in December several suppliers and manufacturers were left with huge stockpiles. Now as the stock started pilling, they thought they should reduce the production of the remdesivir. In many places like in Maharashtra the former join commissioner of drugs, FDA said that few suppliers had to destroy expired stocks. And from January manufacturers scaled down the production like the largest manufacturer of remdesivir Hetero healthcare has scaled down its production to 5-10%. Kamal life sciences which supply remdesivir to Cipla stopped manufacturing from January 31-March 1. That halt has affected supplies now. And now recently again the cases started to rise at the beginning of February, but the manufacturing resumed to an extent in march. As a lot of raw materials are required in producing this li9ke 25 raw materials are required to produce this remdesivir. The cycle of production to transportation of remdesivir can take 20-25 days at least. The production of remdesivir sealed up in the last month so it might take another week for fresh stock to hit the market. Now of India’s 11 lakh active infections are in Maharashtra which now needs 40,000-50,000 remdesivir vials daily, as compared to the peak requirement of 30,000 a day last year. The highest demand is due to the peak of riding cases and also the issues of the manufacturer and supplier( referred above). Now, Madhya Pradesh has complained it is currently getting half of its requirements. Their food and drug minister has said that around 70% of total production is diverted towards Maharashtra and the remaining 30% to the other remaining states. And added that if they require about 5000 vales, they receive about 1200-2000 vales only. All these were the factor of consideration for banning the export of remdesivir.


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