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  • recent out break of foot and mouth disease in north east.
  • recent alarming deaths of pigs in Mizoram.
  • second wave of bird flu.

Last week in Arunachal Pradesh two districts that are east and west Siang there was an outbreak of foot and mouth diseases. And even in Mizoram, Meghalaya there was news coming regarding the outbreak of diseases in animals whether wild or domesticated. On 7th April in Arunachal Pradesh from Upper Siang and West Siang, there was news coming regarding the spread of foot and mouth disease. And from Assam, Mizoram, and Tripura also news was coming regarding the animal death. But it was not a foot and mouth disease everywhere. Foot and mouth disease. Foot and mouth disease is a viral disease that affects the animal’s foot and mouth. This affects the animals which have cloven hoofs. This generally affects domestic cattle the most. This does not happen in humans but the people who yield milk from cows and buffalo’s so this happens a lot in these animals so there might be an economic loss. If this disease affects the animals, then animals generally have fever for 2 to 6 days followed by blisters inside the mouth and on the feet that may rupture. This disease sometimes may be fatal. Initial reports. Arunachal Pradesh's department of animal husbandry and veterinary said that they have heard and been through the reports of the outbreak of FMD. But there is no report regarding the death of any animal. The government said that they have sent the veterinary doctors to the place they are looking upon the spread of the disease and its effect on the animals etc. the employees that went there however have admitted that this spread is seen in mithuns. This is one type of cow but not exactly a domestic cow these are considered to be a wild cow but many areas in the northeast and some other parts use them as domestic but in general, these are seen in jungles walking free. These are also called Bos frontalis. There is a vaccination for this disease but doing vaccination after they are affected will not help the animals. Now the problem coming here is the people who are raising these cattle have not vaccinated them before and now after they are affected with the disease, they are bringing them for vaccination. Since mithuns are mostly in the forest it is difficult for the villagers to vaccinate them whenever the department organizes the vaccination. And now again recently in Mizoram news was coming regarding the death of more than 100 pigs. And also, the death of pigs in Assam and Tripura were circulated with disturbing videos on social media. But no confirm mainstream. And recently the death of pigs in Mizoram is been confirmed that is 256. But the death of pigs is not confirmed whether they are dying due to FMD. But the last time when like this large no pigs were dying then it was confirmed that they died due to African swine flu/ fever. African swine fever is also a viral disease. Shown in both domestic and wild pigs. But this disease also does not be transmitted to humans. In Arunachal Pradesh, the ASF deaths in domestic pigs were counted in 2020. Last time about 17000 pigs died. But the death is still not yet confirmed that it is due to ASF or due to FMD. An outbreak of bird flu. And there is an outbreak of bird flu again in north India. in January when there was bird flu many birds were dead. And its first signs were seen from the Himachal pond dam and again in the same place, they found many birds died again. In January 2021 about 5000 birds were killed in Himachal due to bird flu. And it was able to be contained in February. And again, refaced in March. Recently about 100 migratory birds were found dead in the pond dam. This is considered to be the second wave of bird flu. NISHAD is searching for the cause of the recent flu and also to find whether this is the same bird flu. In the recent research, it was found that this is not the same bird flu that is seen before in January. It’s a different kind but the root cause is still unknown. So these recent cases of animal death troll have been increasing day by day and every day a new outbreak of diseases in animals is seen.


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