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  • recent report on doomsday glacier.
  • impact of melting down of doomsday glacier.
  • due reasons for the melting of the glacier.

The Antarctic’s Thwaites glacier is also called a doomsday glacier. For a long time, there were concerns regarding this because in whole over the world there were concerns due to climate change due which global sea is rising. So as glaciers are melting the global sea level is increasing. This glacier is considered to be a great concern because the speed of this glacier melting is at a high rate compared to other glaciers. Before also it was a concern, but the researchers of the Sweden University of Gothenburg are now saying that fears related to thwaites melting are worse than previously thought, because owing to the supply of warm water flowing underneath at a rate underestimated in the past. Thwaites’s glacier This glacier is 120 km wide at its broadest, moving fast, and in the few years, the melting of the glacier has become much fast. If we see the overall size of the glacier then its size is 1.9 lakh square km. it contains so much water that it covers more than half a meter it can rise our global sea level. Studies have found that the amount of ice melting out of it has nearly doubled over the past 30 years. Today thwaites glacier melting contributes 4% alone to global sea rise every year. It is estimated that the glacier will completely meltdown and collapse into the sea in 200-900 years. So, now the question arises here is why this glacier is considered as an important of glaciers? Thwaites’s glacier is considered important for Antarctica because this glacier has a hold upon other glaciers. Once if this glacier starts melting down then the other glaciers which are around may break and fall into the water. Because it has more risk in its breaking and melting down. And if it's broken down then its risk increases more. That is the reason it is called a doomsday glacier. Previous studies-regard thwaites glacier. In 2019 a study was done in that study it was found that under this cavity is growing in the glacier, which is sized roughly two-thirds the area of Manhattan. Then again in the last year, a study was conducted by the New York University they found that beneath the glacier warm water is flowing. And down where the water is flowing that is just 2 degrees more than the freezing zone. This is called the grounding line or Thwaites’ grounding zone. The New York study done was they dug a 600-m- deep hole there the placed a device which is called an ocean sensing device. This device is called an ice fin. then by this, they found that beneath their water was moving. New study. The new study is done by Sweden’s Gothenburg study found that the temperature of water flowing beneath there is 4 times more than they thought. In this study, they used an unscrewed submarine to go under the glacier and make an observation at the grounding point. This device has measured the strength, temperature, salinity, and oxygen content of ocean current under the glacier. In this study the important thing they found out was at the grounding zone three types of warm water were flowing in the previous study it was not found. So, the threat will be more than expected. The researchers have that the warm water is coming from the pine bay island which is near to that before they thought there is a bridge beneath which stops the warm water flow till the thwaites glaciers but now there isn’t such thing. And in one of the types out of the three types of warm water in one late they found that the water is coming from the north( That the water from the equator water is coming and old currents are going from this part). All this is found by placing a sonar radar on the device. Cause of worry. The warm water is approaching from all the sides to the pinning point of the glacier from all the sides. Which is impacting the location where ice is connected to the seabed. So this makes worse because already thwaite glacier is melting by this it may melt in near future. This was said in the recent report released by the Gothenburg study.


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