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  • first EV battery plant in India.
  • cut down of Chin's sole monopoly.
  • feasibility of this set project in India.

There is a group name the epsilon group it is among India’s oldest group. It was established in 2010. Through this epsilon group, another group is established which is epsilon advance Pvt Ltd. This was set up in August 2020. This company is India’s first company in manufacturing lithium-ion battery parts. This company source its raw materials from the largest steel mill in the country. There were talks regarding this plant and it was said that in the plant they will inject in with Rs, 60 billion that is approx. 807 million $ of investment to produce 1 lakh tonnes of synthetic graphite anode by 2030. (So, in lithium battery’s what happens is the lithium batteries anode is made from graphite. And cathode is made from lithium carbonate.) this will only amount to 10% of the global demand. This plant is set up by India’s biggest steel tycoon Sajjan Jindal’s son-in-law Vikram Handa. Anodes are the negative electrodes in lithium-ion batteries and because it works as a negative electrode it accounts for about a quarter of a cell component. So, if we see the present situation then about 80% of these negative electrode is produced by China. And for this, the maximum raw material to produce it takes from India. India is giving raw material but not manufacturing it solely. This epsilon group also sends a lot of raw material to China. By which china use to succeed in making this anode material. And not only china it sends this raw material to Europe and Japan as well. China holds 60% of the sole share in mining natural graphite and the country holds a virtual monopoly in supplying graphite for EV battery mode in the anode. Many times, Australia wants to come first, but the supply of graphite anode is not available with Australia that is the sole reason it cannot put its dominant spot. So, as all this is available with china that is the reason it commands a big market solely. Process of manufacturing JSW steel ltd provides the coal tar, epsilon group takes this coal tar and processes it in form of tires, fuels, and paints. But the epsilon advances ltd co take this coal tar and use it for higher processing for the battery materials. Feasibility of the project The company has secured a patent for furnace design and expects to file three more than this year. Handa’s plan would also get a great push from the government. Even the transport minister Nitin Gadkari in March also promised a new battery policy soon. And also, India has a great scope of producing the batteries locally because it has access to the raw material.


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