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  • Wordle: The Trending word game.
  • A word-guessing game that has taken over social media.
  • The success of the game led to a lot of identical games being launched on the Appstore.

Wordle, a word-guessing game that has taken over social media. The game can be accessed and played through the official Wordle website and nowhere else. As of now, there is no version made for Android or iOS that you can download from either of the two stores. Wordle is an online game available to anyone on any web browser.

It gives the player six guesses and the player is supposed to guess five letters of word in those six guesses. The game also provides hints with every failed guess. This game gets updated everyday with a different word so that it keeps the users engaged every day. The creator of the game John Wardle, is a software engineer by profession from Brooklyn. He developed this game for his partner who was a fan of word games and he named the game after him “Wordle”. Later he introduced the game to his relatives on his family WhatsApp group and once it rapidly became an obsession to them, he realized and launched it to the world. The game gained popularity very fast and was played by more than 300,000 people in the span of two months. And soon was being played by the whole world. Nevertheless, the success of the game led to a lot of developers creating identical games and launched these on the app store.

The only difference between these games was, that these clones were monetized, and Wordle wasn’t. The worst examples of Wordle clones were discovered by 9to5Mac, and they were in the App Store, where an app with paid subscriptions was available. That programme has since been withdrawn, so no one else will be fooled by it. One of the developers of the clone apps, tweeted about the clone and got 5,000 downloads of the app in just 1 hour. Soon after this people on twitter started calling him out for cloning the app and monetizing it. It should be noted that this was not the only clone app, there were many on the app store, but after the chaos of calling out the clones, the Appstore has finally taken them down.

Even after having the ethical background of cloning of free apps for profit, there is a flood of cloned apps on the Appstore, which reduces the legitimacy of the platform. Even though, Apple has guidelines for the developers against cloning of apps, there have been various apps that are cloned on the Appstore. The section in the guidelines read “Come up with your own ideas. We know you have them, so make yours come to life” However, clones are showing up on Android too, albeit with a seemingly less malicious approach. Thousands of users have already downloaded some of these clone apps, demonstrating the impact that something like this may have. It then goes on to discourage developers from replicating other programmes in order to avoid copyright infringement accusations, as well as being unjust to other developers. As there were so many issues.

Wordle is now available on its official website-

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