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  • Find out what all are banned under the new notification.
  • State of Guwahati imposing new rule in Assam.
  • Fine for riding two-wheelers without helmets in Bengaluru set by Joint Commissioner of Police.

The suspended ban on the use of non-ISI marked helmets has been decided to be brought back because of the rise in the number of causalities due to substandard helmets. The country sees an alarming number of road accidents in a year and nearly 30% of those involved are two-wheelers.

The government had taken a step to ensure the safety and security of two-wheeler riders to ban the sales of sub-standard helmets with an added incentive to the helmet manufacturers.

The ban on these kinds of substandard helmets was imposed back in June 2021 to tackle the sale of non-ISI marked helmets which would ensure the safety of the people who drive two-wheelers. The use of poor quality or non-wearing helmets is the main cause of death of nearly 78% of the two-wheeler riders in India. Even though there is no separate data to indicate the number of causalities due to the use of substandard helmets.

The director of the Steelbird Group Rajeev Kapur, the Managing director said this initiative by the government is resulting in a growing emphasis on helmet legislation by many state governments in India.

The traffic police have decided to enforce the ban once again in view of rising cases of fatalities due to the substandard helmets. This ban was highly criticized when it was imposed earlier in 2021 by huge public outcry, one of the biggest reasons being the use of substandard helmets by ‘The enforcers’ i.e., the police personnel.

According to Dr Gautham M S from Nimhans, who has researched road safety, said: “Strong ISI helmets act as barriers against accidents and distribute the force, thereby preventing open
against severe injuries. Those without helmets in accidents are two times more likely to suffer severe head injuries.” 

Riders found wearing substandard helmets (half or cap helmets) that do not offer adequate head protection will be educated and warned over the next 15 days and penalised thereafter for riding without a helmet, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B R Ravikanthe Gowda announced on Friday. The fine for helmetless riding is Rs 500 in Bengaluru. The ban will apply to pillion riders, too.

The state of Guwahati is also enforcing a new rule for all the two-wheeler dealers to supply a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) approved (with an ISI Mark) helmet to the customer while selling any new vehicle in Assam.

The new notification passed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has placed a ban on manufacturing, imports, sale and storing non-ISI mark helmets. The first-time offenders may face imprisonment or fine up to 5 Lakh Rupees as per the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016. This is aimed to stop the selling of fake or substandard helmets by vendors which puts the safety of two-wheeler riders at risk. The low-quality helmets do not help the rider avoid fatal head injury in case of a road accident.  

Section Editor: Nandakishore V Menon | 23 Jan 2022 18:15pm IST

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