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  • Videos on towing officials assaulting the public went viral
  • Karnataka CM conducted the meeting with Traffic police and Towing officials
  • Karnataka CM promised to find an amicable solution and to form a new people friendly towing policy

Unveiling New Karnataka Towing Policy.

Home minister Araga Jnanendra held a meeting in august 2021 with the Bangalore City Traffic Police and towing officials as there was a rise in complaints against them and ordered them to follow the standard operating procedure while performing their duties and to treat the public courteously. The agenda of the meeting turned out to be futile because many alarming incidents took place even after the meeting and there is a huge increase in complaints against the towing officials as they are not following the stranded procedure yet.

The Incidents which took place in Bangalore in recent days shed some light on the inhuman act of the towing officials. Videos of these acts went viral rapidly on social media as a result of which towing officials faced a lot of criticism from netizens.

Incidents led to criticism of Towing system.

  • An Incident in Jeevan Bhima Nagar caught public attention when a video showing a food delivery executive running behind the towing vehicle to pull his two-wheeler out of It went viral on social media.
  • There was another incident in a row in the same week where ASI Traffic police Assaulted the Disabled woman as there was a heated argument between when the towing officials lifted her car this action of a Govt official was inhuman and unacceptable behaviour.
  • One of the Twitter users claimed that the towing vehicle fitness insurance is expired and mocked the officials for using the illegal vehicle for towing purposes.

These incidents are very disturbing because Government officials are there to protect the interest of the public but in the case of towing the traffic police and officials have increased the troubles of the public by not following standard operating procedures.  “Rise for Rights” NGO has launched a social campaign against the ruthless attitude of towing officials and the members of the NGO stated that there are many videos on social media apart from the above incidents showing towing staff and traffic police harassing the public.

Response from the Government.

  • These alarming incidents and social media responses to these incidents compelled the Government officials to take some action against it as a result of which Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai conducted a meeting with police department brass including the Traffic Section on Monday.
  • ASI official who assaulted the disabled woman was suspended.
  • Bangalore traffic police have withdrawn the tow truck which was criticized for not having a valid permit licence.
  • Karnataka CM ordered the officials to follow standard operating procedures i.e., to announce vehicle number and to wait for 5minutes after the announcement before towing the vehicles and not to damage the vehicles in the process.
  • Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai promised the citizens they will try to find an amicable solution and promised the citizens that they will soon unveil a new people-friendly Towing Policy.

Before these incidents also there were attempts made by the ministers to solve the towing issues but the beneficiaries i.e., the public were not benefited from these attempts or meetings conducted by the ministers hence there is a strong need for an effective law which should govern the towing rules and regulations as it in the ambit of the state to make laws regarding these matters.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 01 Feb 2022 21:39pm IST

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