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  • F15 Fighting jet lost radar track and went missing on Monday
  • It is believed that the F15 jet crashed into the Japan sea
  • Recue operation was conducted by the Japan Air Self Defense Force and fount some Floating Debris in the sea

Japan’s Rescue operation to find the Missing F15 Jet.

Japan’s Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) conducted a Rescue operation on Monday to search the missing pilots of F15 Jet over the sea.  Japan’s military officials said they were searching for a fighter jet that disappeared from the radar track after taking off. A spokesperson of Japan Air Self Defence stated that “the track of an F15 jet Disappeared from the data of the Komatsu control tower after take-off” he also stated that the jet disappeared above five Kilometres from the Komatsu airbase in the central Ishikawa region, off the Sea of Japan.

The spokesperson of Japan’s Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) said the jet was accustomed to having two pilots on board but could not confirm how many people were on board because the rescue operation was not successful and they could not find the missing Pilots. To have a better understanding of the situation we can look at the order of the events that took place after the F15 Fighter Jet took off.

  • According to the Kyodo News Agency report, the fighter jet was conducting training with a crew of two on board.
  • At 5.30 the jet lost its radar contact and disappeared about 5 kilometres from the Komatsu airbase in the centra Ishikawa region of the sea of Japan.
  • A local coast guard reported to Kyodo that it has received a call reporting a red glow near the base at the same time
  • During the rescue operation, ASDF said it found some floating debris and objects in the area where the plane went off the radar.

This event is not occurring for the first time, Japan occasionally sees accidents involving its Airforce. In 2019 F-35A Stealth jet was on a training mission and crashed into the sea due to spatial disorientation. but in this incident crash created a scramble which helped to recover the pilot and secrets onboard the plane.

Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) is finding it hard to search the pilots or remaining parts of the jet even after the rescue operation because Japanese officials stated that the pilots of fighter F15 jet did not report any irregularities nor sent any emergency rescue signal before it lost its radar contact. According to the report, officials believe flight conditions “deteriorated rapidly” giving the two pilots no time to respond.

According to the JSADF, F15 Jet was part of a squadron that serves as an enemy aircraft in tactical flying training. The F15 Jets are used by the Japanese air force for interception. As reported by Eurasian times China’s growing belligerence and 700 incursions in the last 9 months has compelled Japan’s fighter jets to remain vigilant and stretched.

F15 Fighter jet of Japan is an all-wealthier tactical fighter jet and it was designed to fly combat missions in all weather conditions. Its primary mission was in maintaining air superiority and its ultimate purpose was to defeat other plains in Air combat. The flexible pulse doppler radar system on the F15 can automatically detect hostile aircraft, high and low flying targets without being distracted by ground clutter despite all these specialities these incidents are inevitable sometimes.

According to the earlier press release from the US Department of defence, Boeing to develop a new system for the F15 fighter jets of Japan for super inceptors as Boeing has been awarded a contract of 470 million$ by the US air defence force. Hence it is expected that after adding this new systematic design the fighter jets in the Japan defence force will have well equipped and updated F15 Jets which will help in avoiding these kinds of incidents.

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