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  • Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta company to innovate the way of interaction with people
  • Companies like Microsoft, (AB)InBev, Block Chain Game decentral and incentivizes are working on Metaverse
  • Nervousness in the market to invest on Metaverse as the success of metaverse is in future

Metaverse - The next version of Mobile Internet.

The metaverse concept started back in 1960 or perhaps even before. Epic game’s Fortnite and black chain-based game Roblox as second life launched 18 years ago but the term Metaverse is becoming popular nowadays. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has changed his company name to Meta and it is just one company that has embraced the future of virtual reality and announced that it will embrace Metaverse and rebound itself as Meta.

In social media giant’s second Fuel for India virtual event, Mark Zuckerberg stated that “a huge part of the metaverse will be built in India because of the large part of the developer, entrepreneurs and other communities in the country are seeing the developer ecosystem have interest in metaverse and technological companies are touting it as the next version of Mobile Internet.

Metaverse creates a virtual space where people can interact with each other and it is different from that of social media apps because in social media apps people can chat with others but in Metaverse it takes two people who are distant to a new virtual space where they can interact with each other as if they are in the same place.

Metaverse innovates the way of interaction people with each other on the internet. Creating an online avatar, gang and character is not new it was already embraced in the Grand Theft Auto Online, Mine Craft and Roblox but Meta aims to go beyond entertainment and creates virtual workspace, home and connects people on social media to Virtual Space where they can dance and hang out with people just like their real-life but in virtual space. It is like a character neo in the popular science fiction Matrix.

Metaverse In Future

Apart from Facebook other Companies s like Microsoft, (AB)InBev, BlockChain Game decentral and incentivizes are also trying to invest more in these metaverse concepts. But before bringing the Metaverse into reality in today's generation many other things have to be developed in technology to support the Metaverse Virtual Space such as:

  • Virtual Reality Handsets must be developed and brought to the market because without a  virtual handset being in a virtual space station is not possible and not fun at all.
  • Computer Generated simulations of 3D, images of the environment must be developed
  • Augmented Reality, Like AR glasses, must be made available at low cost because these gadgets help the person in virtual space to feel the thing around them in virtual space reality.
  • 5G internet connections to support the program of Metaverse

Hence all these things must be developed before or parallelly along with the metaverse which will help in the development of the metaverse field otherwise there will be inconvenience among people to enter or to feel virtual reality space which will hinder the growth of Metaverse in Future.

There is still uncertainty of metaverse being in future because there is 26% crash in social media giant stock which caused $30bn loss for Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday. As a result, India’s Richest man Gautham Adani and Mukesh Ambani went ahead of Zucker berg. Due to this instability in the stock market, people are nervous about the transition and scared to invest in the Metaverse companies which as the success is available not at present but in future.

Tech experts say that over the next five years you are going to see Metaverse technology become real, concrete and Arun Maini UK Tech YouTuber states that “I think no one knows exactly what shape it going to take, but they need to make sure that at the forefront of it”.

To conclude Metaverse Technology is growing in bits and pieces and 5G technology is also developing slowly so in 5 years we may be in the virtual space reality through Metaverse Technology but as said by the experts no one knows exactly what shape it takes but we must be ready to forefront it.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 05 Feb 2022 15:43pm IST

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