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  • Violent Protest at various colleges in different states over Hijab Controversy
  • Karnataka CM announced 3 days holidays to schools and colleges to maintain peace and order in state
  • Justice Krishna Dixit has asked the people to have faith in constitution

Violent Hijab Protests Compelled Karnataka CM to declare 3 days’ holidays for schools and colleges.

The issue of Hijab which started with 6 students in Udupi in December escalated slowly to other colleges in different districts and by February hijab controversy is spreading like a fire in all districts but the concerning matter is that the hijab issue is not between the politicians or some religious organization but it’s between the younger minds and the future generation of the society.

  • On December 31st, 6 girls in Udupi demanded the education institution to allow them to classrooms with hijabs as they are supposed to remove Hijab before entering the class.
  • The institution did not heed their demands saying that the students have signed an undertaking during admission that they will follow uniform rules and guidelines just like other students.
  • Then 8 girls in Udupi girls college claim that they will attend classes if they are allowed to wear hijab or else not and they claimed that the undertaking signed by them was for ID cards and not for Hijab and the institution did not inform anything about Hijab during admissions.
  • In January attempts were made to solve this issue and the girls were allowed to wear Hijab to classrooms and they should remove the Hijab once the students enter the classroom.
  • There was an expert committee set up by the Karnataka Government to discuss and decide on uniform and dress code and the committee directed the Udupi college to maintain the status quo till the committee takes a final decision.
  • On January 28 Udupi PU College started discussing with the parents of the students and religious heads to solve the Hijab Crisis.
  • Raghupathi Bhat, MLA of Udupi issued guidelines that action will be taken against the girls who enter the classroom with Hijab.
  • On January 31st 5 Students approached High Court and filed a Public Interest Litigation seeking a declaration from High Court that it is their fundamental right to practice their religion and they should be allowed to wear Hijab on the college Premises.
  • Again, on February 1st students who were wearing Hijab were not allowed to enter the educational institution and the protests became serious as the other group of students came to the institution with orange scarfs and started protesting against hijab in front of the institution.
  • Slowly the issue escalated among other colleges in  Kundapur, Shivamogga, Belagavi, Bagalkot, Gadag, Hubbali, davangare, vijaypur, and Mandya.
  • But the small protests with a minimum number of students turned out to be violent protests where police officials were outnumbered when compared to students and they had to take violent measures like the lati charge and fired Teargas shells to clear the mob in front of the institutions.
  • As the protests turned to violent protests injuring 40 students and police officials the government of Karnataka declared 3 days holidays to schools and colleges to maintain peace and order in the society.
  • The PIL petition filed by the students was heard Tuesday and it’s adjourned to Wednesday afternoon but the Justice Krishna Dixit has asked the people to maintain peace and order and to have faith in the constitution and judiciary.
  • Once the Hon’ble court gives the Judgement regarding the issue the state will be able to maintain uniform order and dress code in schools and colleges but the protest and strikes by students are unacceptable.

Notwithstanding school or college generally we students are addressed as future leaders and if future leaders are participating in extreme activities like stone-pelting and protests over sensitive matters like religion how can we look up to a secular country with these kinds of leaders. Students at this age should promote unity in diversity and harmony between the students because we are literates and unlike others, we know the consequences of communalism and it’s our responsibility to provide a safe environment to future generations by showing our belief in judiciary and constitution and by spreading peace in society.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 09 Feb 2022 19:55pm IST

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