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  • PM Modi states that the Dynastic Rule or Parivarvaad is a threat to Democracy.
  • PM Modi states that the Farm Laws were made to win the heart of farmers and it is repealed in the interest of The Nation.
  • PM Modi stated that the Double Engine Government will help the poor people by effective implementation of government schemes in all states.

PM opens about upcoming elections in the recent Interview with ANI.

PM Narendra Modi gave an interview to ANI one day before the elections.  Modi Ji discussed many aspects of elections and his expectation that the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will win the elections in a majority for the 4th time in Uttar Pradesh. Elections will be held in Uttar Pradesh on 10, 14, 20, 23, 27 of February, on 20th February in Punjab, on 28th February in Manipur, on 14th February in Goa, and on 14th February in Uttarakhand.

Matters Discussed in the Interview.

  • The interview started with PM Modi discussing Anti-Incumbency and Pro incumbency. PM stated that doing promotions about schemes during elections and not implementing any schemes is anti-incumbency and implementing schemes and doing transparent work for people is Pro incumbency.
  • PM Modi stated that whenever BJP got a chance to serve people it has changed the state stance from anti-incumbency to Pro incumbency.
  • When asked about the Uttar Pradesh principle of “Ek bar aao Ek bar jao”. Any party being elected once will not be elected again repeatedly, PM Modi replied saying that we have changed that principle in UP that BJP will win with majority in 2022 also.
  • When the PM was asked about how does he feel when his photo was on posters along with elections contenders, he said that “BJP has trust in collective leadership and they work together in harmony. His photo is in the posters as a party worker not as a PM and he is proud to be in the election poster along with the other Party Workers”.
  • When the interviewer asked Modi as does he take it personally if BJP lose in elections, PM Modi replied saying “BJP has seen both victory and defeat and we treat the election as an education field and we learn every day from both victory and defeat”.
  • When the PM was asked about Crime free Uttar Pradesh Policy, PM Modi replied saying that “under the previous government the women of the household were scared to leave the house and the government was working according to Mafia’s Direction but now the women of UP household work out and return to home in the evening and this shows that UP is moving towards the Crime Free State”.
  • When the PM was asked about Lakhimpur Kheri Incident, PM Modi stated that “Indian Judiciary is Proactive and the state has given full support to the judiciary informing its committee, in choosing judges to decide this matter and the matter is dealt in a transparent matter and people should have faith in Judiciary”.
  • When the PM was asked about the Double Engine Government, PM Modi replied by saying that the Double Engine Government gives more strength to any party to help the poor people.
  • Ayushman Bharat Yojana and One Nation One Ration was implemented to help poor people all over the country and states should not oppose this as this is beneficial to poor people”
  • When PM Modi was asked about Recognising Regional Aspirations, PM Modi Replied saying that “BJP upholds Unity in Diversity but he is sad to say that some politicians use the religious aspirations as a seed to divide the diversified people instead of uniting them”
  • When the PM was asked as to how does he feel about international Media reporting that India is not safe for minorities, PM Modi stated that Media people comment for the competition in their field so he will not comment on that but the main principle of BJP is “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Viswas, Sabka Prayas” and we uphold the rights of minorities and we have reservations which help the minorities. I have represented India very well; India has good recognition in the world and we have more FDI in India and the truth about India progress is reached the world during Covid”
  • PM Modi also explained how the Dynasty Rule or Parivaarvad is a threat to democracy and new talent don’t get the opportunity to enter the politics nor to contend in elections.
  • PM Modi when asked about repealing Farm Laws stated that “He made Farm Laws to win the hearts of the farmers, in the interest of the small farmers but he has repealed the Farm Laws in the interest of the Nation”.

To conclude PM Modi in short explained the principles of BJP and Politics in the interview and answered some main concerns of the society.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 11 Feb 2022 12:38pm IST

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