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  • Russia declared a war on Ukraine
  • Ukraine declared martial law nationwide state emergency
  • Russia military operation led to the death of 68 citizens so far

Russia declares war on Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a special military operation in Ukraine and asked the Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and justified their actions by claiming a genocide in the east of Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russia has attacked Ukraine in a cowardly and suicidal way just like the military operation carried out by Nazi Germany during second World War II and he asked the Russians to go out and protest against this war.

Tensions between the two states started in November 2021 when Russia’s military troops were deployed near the Ukraine border. By the end of January Russia deployed 150000 troops near the Ukraine border. The US warned that sanctions will be issued against Russia if it invades Ukraine. Russia asked US and NATO to sign a military agreement. According to the agreement, Ukraine should not join NATO and NATO expansion must be stopped which otherwise would be a concern of Russia’s security issues.

 As US and Russia refused to sign the military agreement Russia did not withdraw their military troops from the Ukraine border but there were many diplomatic talks between US and Russia and between MOSCOW and NATO to solve the issue. Irrespective of diplomatic talks and the warning of sanctions Russia declared war against Ukraine stating it like a military operation and justifying their action as a genocide in the east of Ukraine.

Australian and Israeli governments reacting to the present scenario in Ukraine condemned the act of Russia as a violation of international order. Soon after Putin’s declaration of the military operation on Ukraine NATO Diplomats announced to have a virtual summit on Friday to discuss the Russian invasion. NATO also stated that the alliance between NATO and Ukraine was not to send NATO troops to Ukraine nor does NATO has any plans to send its troops to the Ukraine border.

NATO conducted an emergency meeting with its member states soon after Russia’s air and missile strike over Ukraine. After the emergency meeting, NATO stated that “we have decided in line with our defensive planning to protect all Allies, to take additional steps to further strengthen deterrence and defence across the Alliance. Our measures are and remain preventive, proportionate and non-escalator”

Impact of the war

  • Ukraine severed all diplomatic ties with Russia
  • Ukraine declared martial law nationwide state emergency
  • NATO member and the neighbouring country of Ukraine, Lithuania has declared a state emergency
  • Moldova shut its airspace
  • Russia launched more than 30 strikes on Ukraine which led to the death of 68 people so far and Ukraine’s military plane is crashed near Kyiv (capital city).
  • Germany announced that it will encourage and support Poland in treating the wounded citizens and in providing a safe environment for the citizens of Ukraine who are reaching Poland because of the fear of war.
  • Kerala CM wrote a letter to Union External affairs minister asking him to make necessary arrangements for the return of Indian students by arranging special flights.
  • Air India flight which was sent to evacuate the students of India from Ukraine was cancelled as the Ukraine airspace was shut hence many students and Indian citizens are living under the fear of death.
  • Huge impact on shares and oil market as sanctions are issued against Russia
  • PM Modi to hold a meeting with the finance minister to discuss the financial impact on India in pursual of Russia – Ukraine war.
  • Russia declared that it has destroyed 70 Ukraine military targets

As US president Joe Biden says this unprovoked act of invasion by Russia is a severe violation of international order and human rights as the citizens of Ukraine are terrified by the attack of Russia bomb blasts on Ukraine and fleeing towards Poland. Because of the Ukraine airspace being shut evacuation of foreign citizens staying in Ukraine was not possible and they are more terrified than the citizens of Ukraine.

This act of Russia was not a shock to neighbouring states as US president Joe Biden was continuously warning about Russia invasion but all country diplomatic representatives and heads of the states attempted to solve the dispute through diplomatic solutions but all the diplomatic talks turned futile and led to this act of war by Russia.

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