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  • Actor and activist Chetan is released on Bail
  • Chetan Kumar was arrested on 23rd February because of his controversial post on Twitter
  • Magistrate court has directed the actor to issue personal bond of 1 lakh and 2 sureties of 1 Lakh each.

Actor and Activist Chetan Kumar are Released on Bail.

Chetan Kumar was released on bail on Friday. He was arrested by the Sadashiv Nagar police on February 23 2022 because of his controversial post on Twitter against Justice Krishna Dixit. In his tweet, He questioned Karnataka High Court Justice Krishna Dixit who is one of the three judges who are adjudicating the Hijab Issue.

Chetan Kumar posted a tweet two years ago stating “This week KA (Karnataka) High Court Justice Krishna Dixit (granted) pre-arrest bail to rape -accused Rakesh B claiming “it is unbecoming of an Indian woman to sleep after rape: that is not the way women react when they are ravished what’s “unbecoming” is 21st C(century) misogyny of this judiciary Dixit fossil.”

On 16th February he retweeted the post which he has posted two years ago and questioned Karnataka High Court Justice Krishna Dixit’s creditability in deciding the Hijab case as the judgement given by Justice Dixit in a rape case led to a lot of criticism and negative impact on the judiciary.

Due to the remarks made against justice Krishna Dixit, actor Chetan Kumar was taken under custody for questioning and subsequently arrested on Tuesday. Neither the details as to the place where he was questioned nor the news about his arrest was disclosed to anyone. Later on, Tuesday evening the officials informed about his arrest through media.

After Chetan’s arrest, his wife Megha came live on social media and informed that she was neither informed about her husband’s arrest nor about his whereabouts. She stated that police officials did not follow due procedures of law while arresting his Husband.

The bail application was filed on the following grounds:

  • S Balan advocate appearing on behalf of the actor contended that the police officials did not follow the due process of law while arresting the accused.
  • He further mentioned that the police officials did not take the accused wife’s signature at the time of arrest and criticized the police for not preparing the arrest memo and keeping the accused in undisclosed places.
  • The advocate stated that the process followed by the officials are clear violations of the guidelines by the supreme court in DK Basu v. the State of Bengal.
  • The bail application was filed by the actor’s advocate. He was granted bail on 25th February 2022.

Bail was granted on certain conditions such as :

  1. The court ordered that the accused should not commit an offence similar to the offence of which he is accused
  2. He shall not post, publish or circulate any derogatory or provocative statement which would disturb communal harmony and peace in society.
  3. The accused must cooperate in the investigation and attend all the hearings of the court.
  4. Magistrate court directed the actor to produce a personal bond of Rs.1 lakh and two sureties of 1 lakh each.
  5. Now the actor is released from police custody on the above grounds.

The netizens were divided into two groups on Twitter on the arrest of actor Chetan. One group supported his arrest and the other group blamed it on politicians contending that this is the act to stop people from expressing their opinion whatever may be the reason every citizen gave to follow the law of the land and in sensitive matters like Hijab this act was necessary to avoid further communal disturbances and to maintain communal peace in society.

Section Editor: KADAM HANS | 26 Feb 2022 17:34pm IST

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