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  • On Monday PM Narendra Modi had a high level meeting over the Russia and Ukraine issue.
  • After the meeting spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs stated that India will send humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
  • India sent his first consignment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine on Tuesday.

 While addressing the press conference in Delhi the Spokesperson of the Ministry of external affairs Arindam Bagchi stated that India will send humanitarian aid, including medicined to Ukraine. This action was taken at the request of the Ukrainian ambassador. This decision was an outcome of a High-level meeting headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Ministry of External Affairs stated on Monday that “The Prime minister noted that the first consignment of relief supplies to Ukraine to deal with the humanitarian situation on Ukraine’s border would be dispatched tomorrow.” The foreign secretary stated that “A flight left this morning carrying the first tranche of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine through Poland”

The meeting was conducted in the presence of External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and other senior officials. The meeting started with expressing condolences to the death of Naveen Shekharappa, an Indian student who was studying at Kharkiv National Medical University.

While addressing the press conference in Delhi on Tuesday the foreign minister stated that the first consignment of humanitarian assistance and relief supplies was sent to Ukraine via Poland. While addressing to media foreign secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla stated that the second consignment of aid will be sent to east European countries on Wednesday.

Ukrainian diplomatic envoy Igor Polikha acknowledged the act of India thanked India for sending the first consignment of humanitarian aid and relief supplies to Ukraine. According to the sources of the Ministry of External Affairs, the consignment contains two tonnes of humanitarian aid including tents, blankets, surgical tanks, sleeping mats, tarpaulin and medicines.

As said the humanitarian aid or the decision to send humanitarian aid was an outcome of a high-level meeting. The meeting headed by prime minister Narendra Modi further discussed the status of Indian students in the capital city of Ukraine. The meeting was held by Narendra Modi to review the efforts taken to bring back Indian Citizens in Ukraine.

He further informed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought assistance from the Slovak Republic and Romania to continue their support to India’s evacuation process. Foreign minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla stated that he is in contact with the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine and he has strongly demanded urgent safe passage for all Indian nationals who are still in the conflict areas like Kharkiv.

 He also stated that he has emphasized to both Russia and Ukrainian officials the importance of providing a safe underground passage or corridor to enable Indian citizens to get out of the conflict zones. To help and fasten the process of evacuation of students in Ukraine, four union ministers are deployed as special envoys to coordinate with the neighbouring countries of Ukraine to coordinate with the evacuation process of Indian Citizens. Union Minister Jyotiraditya will go to Romania, Kiren Rijju to the Slovak republic, Hardeep Puri to Hungary and Vk Singh to Poland to coordinate and help in the evacuation process.

According to the report of MEA Bagchi so far six flights that were sent for the evacuation process has arrived in India carrying around 14000 Indian citizens. MEA spokesperson stated that before the evacuation process the advisory notice was given to Indian citizens in Ukraine to leave the capital city of Ukraine and to enter into safe places. So far 8000 nationals have left Ukraine after issuing the advisory.

The spokesperson of MEA further assured the Indian citizens in Ukraine not to panic as India is making all its efforts to evacuate the citizens but he requested the citizens not to rush to the borders and to take some shelter in a safe place.

India has taken all the necessary measures to evacuate the students and the other citizens from conflicted areas of Ukraine and now even the union ministers are allotted to coordinate with the neighbouring countries to speed up the evacuation process and with the help and assistance of neighbouring diplomatic envoys India will soon evacuate its citizens from the conflicted places.


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