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  • basic concept of markets and IPO's.
  • Zomato proposing IPO- middle of a pandemic.
  • IPO-announcement of Zomato.

Online restaurant discovery and food delivery platform Zomato on Wednesday filed a draft red herring prospectus with India's securities and exchange board for an Rs.8,250 crore initial public offering. In what is the first significant offering by an Indian consumer internet company in several years. Basic concept A financial market is a broader concept. All the bonds, stocks, primary markets all these things come under this financial market. The financial market can be divided into two main categories that are money market and capital market. The money market is for short-term financing periods like commercial paper, treasury bills, certificates of deposit, etc. The capital market is for long-term financing periods like stocks, bonds, derivatives. The capital market is further divided into two main categories that are primary market and secondary market, when something is issued for the first time that comes under the primary market. When something is published to the public and now want to sell them, that can be done in the secondary market. A secondary market is also called a stock market.

IPO (initial public offering). An initial public offering is a method by which a private company can go public by selling its stocks to the general public. The unlisted company issues an initial public offering. This is generally deemed to high risk and said to be the first-place issue of shares. But if a listed company gives it, then it is different. It is said to be followed by public offering. This is considered to be at low risk and said to be a subsequent public issue of shares. A company offering its shares to the public is not obliged to repay the capital to public investors. Zomato is recommending IPO- middle of a pandemic. As the epidemic has hit the services sector, especially the hospitality segment, relentlessly consumers of internet companies like Zomato viewed an upgrade in the business after the preliminary lockdown last year.

According to the company filing, the gross order value on its platform fell to RS.1,093.63 crores for the April-June 2020 quarter from Rs 2,684.91 crores in January- March 2020 quarter. After that, it then soared to Rs.2,981 crore during October-December 2020 quarter, more significant than the same quarter in the previous year. Furthermost, the first nine months of the financial year 2020-21 reveal an upturn in the unit economics of the Zomato business. With the commission and supply charges escalating contrasted to 2019-20 and discounts plummeting significantly. IPO-announcement. Given that its DRHP was filed with SEBI on Wednesday, it will hold up to two weeks before the securities ombudsman evaluates the filings. Nevertheless, once that procedure is over, the launch of the offering will depend on market conditions.


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