News By/Courtesy: Apratim De | 24 May 2018 19:55pm IST

Increased fuel prices forces more than 60% vehicles to go off road. So due to steady increase in the fuel prices forces most of the small scale transporters to go off road. Moreover the individuals are also badly hit with this increased fuel prices. Like as already know various state transporters like MSRTC and other state transporters have decided to increase the fares. As a result of this the passengers are going to suffer moreover now these incrased fuel prices have became an serious issue for farmers as well as it is increasing their production cost.

As we all know that in India most of the farming activities like ploughing, watering the fields etc are done through tractors and water pumps which mainly work on diesel.  But as the cost of fuel has gone up so this is increasing the production costs for the farmers.

Also this steady increase in fuel prices has also increased the cost of transportation for the farmers for transporting their produce to the market. Moreover there is now alternate solution is their other than diesel motors for cultivation during power failure so because of this steady increase in the fuel prices is causing a lot of problems to the farmers in transporting their produce to the market as the transporters are charging higher rates due to increased fuel prices.  

Section Editor: Sridhar Menon | 25 May 2018 9:04am IST

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