News By/Courtesy: Krishna Srinivas V | 03 Feb 2018 11:03am IST

For every guy, there comes a girl in a life who tosses his world upside down.

Every guy wants that person to be the popular girl in the town.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a not so known girl,

With the quirkiest of interests that would make Phoebe look normal.

The girl who adores the stray dog, everyone stayed away from.

Breaking the stereotypes and helping herself to some rum.

From, the music she listens to the food she prefers,

It’s effortlessly elegant; And out of the ordinary.

She is the one who makes everyone go awe,

Not with her beauty or anything, but with something rare,

And exclusive, that is; Her peculiarity.

No, she is not your type, if you are into normal pretty.

But hey, who cares, the Mike she’ll end up with; is damn lucky!





Section Editor: Krishna Srinivas V | 03 Feb 2018 11:36am IST

Tags : poetry

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