News By/Courtesy: Himani Aggarwal | 26 Mar 2018 0:08am IST

When you don't find anything to poke for, you start pickiing up trivial and baseless issues to demean a person or in this case it can be said to demean the ruling party. The recent increase in the number of tweets by Rahul Gandhi may make him fall in danger now. Amidst the Facebook data leak case where the all the leading parties are blamed for having connection with Cambridge Analytica in order to win elections, Mr. Rahul Gandhi hsa a found a new way to distract the people o the issue of data leak from the app launched by Mr. Narendra Modi for the convinience of his citizens. Mr. Gandhi tagged a news report with his tweet which said that French hacking expert, Elliot Alderson, claiming to have breached the security of the app and found out that personal data such as e-mails, photos, gender and names of the users were being compromised. The Bjp responded in a flurry of tweets demeaning Mr. Gandhi's tweet and said that "Narendra Modi app is a unique app, which unlike most apps, gives access to users in ‘guest mode’ without even any permission or data. The permissions required are all contextual and cause-specific. Contrary to Rahul’s lies, fact is that data is being used for only analytics using third party service, similar to Google Analytics. Analytics on the user data is done for offering users the most contextual content". It also added that "This ensures that a user gets the best experience by showing content in his language and interests. A person who looks up agri-related info will get agri-related content easily. A person from T.N. will get updates in Tamil and get an update about an important initiative about T.N."The party also said that the data leak for which Mr. Gandhi is blaming us is the personal data of the person himself which is visible to him on his own device which is nnot a security breach. The person does not have any access to other data except that. The party also said that permission required from a user was contextual and cause-specific. “Each function asks for the specific permission when access is required. The app does not ask for blanket permissions when the app is started,”said a functionary.  Better luck next time Mr. Gandhi !

Section Editor: Ravi | 26 Mar 2018 10:21am IST

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