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First thing that every law student is told the time he/she enters a law school is that more than grades, moot courts, debates one thing that matters the most is internship.

Internship is basically a position of a student where he/she works for work experience and knowledge. Mostly, the work that he gets to do is the one which involves using legal knowledge and it’s application. One may, or may not get a pay depending upon the work as well as the place one's interning at. The importance of internship, apart from the sake of only doing it for the resume is two-fold. First, it helps you get the practical knowledge of the subject. Books can you teach you the law but it cannot teach you to how and when to apply it. This is how internship helps you. It helps you using it in a practical problem.

Secondly, it creates an impact. So while everybody is busy doing an internship just for the sake of resume, someone who actually takes it seriously and leaves a good impression upon the people one's working under, they will remember you and you might land up with an 'Pre-Placement Offer’. This, in simple terms, means an offer for job before you’re actually sitting for the interview and even before your graduation has ended.

But one thing that remains a question for everybody is where to intern. Whether to go for a place which is 'High on name’s but doesn’t attract you or whether to go to somewhere where your interest lies. Answering this question, the general trend is that students prefer to go for the former one. But this doesn’t always yield results. Sometimes you might start liking the work they as you to do and you might develop interest but sometimes it might suffocate you. Instead of going for this option, a student should always go for doing an internship in his area of interest. He might not secure internship very easily but he’ll enjoy the work and it will yield better results. It will help you learn the work you prefer to do in future. It will help you achieve your goal for efficiently as well as effectively.

Hence, 'Good name’s doesn’t always end you helping in actual manner but 'good work” is what will keep you going and achieving the goal.

Leave your various internship experiences in the comments below.

Happy interning!


Section Editor: Niharika Salar | 27 Aug 2018 19:20pm IST

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