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The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs ) with a good CIBIL MSME Rank (CMR) can now avail a lower rate of interest on loans from Oriental Bank of Commerce. CMR uses machine learning algorithms to predict the probability of an MSME becoming NPA in the next 12 months. It provides a ranking to the MSME based on its credit history data on a scale of 1 to 10, CMR1 being the least risky MSME and CMR10 being the riskiest MSME.

CMR and the risk of NPA associated with the MSME are directly proportional. The higher the CMR, the higher is the risk of NPA associated with the MSME. OBC will offer up to 0.25% concession on interest rates to MSMEs with CMR1 to CMR3 and internal risk rating of OBC1 to OBC3.

Mukesh Kumar Jain, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, OBC said that they are striving to drive access to finance for MSMEs while ensuring profitable growth of credit portfolios. They are rewarding good borrowers and promoting a disciplined credit culture along with ensuring a healthy quality of our MSME portfolio by offering a lower rate of interest to our MSME customers who have a good credit history and CMR. The fourth edition of TransUnion CIBIL MSME Pulse indicates that there is continued profitability in MSME segment for the credit industry and promises better growth and healthy returns. The Net Interest Margin (NIM) ranges from 4-7% in the MSME segment depending on the type of loan and risk associated with the borrower. The Return on Asset (ROA) of lending in the segment is estimated at the healthy rate of 2-5 %.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 24 Jan 2019 11:04am IST

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