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Resolution scheme under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 have provided 200% of liquidation worth for mortgage holders additionally to retrieving feasible firms, the chairman of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India M.S. Sahoo said. They are gaining around 45% of their claims through the resolution schemes under the Allied Insolvency Resolution procedure which usually takes on 300 days and requires a cost on an average of 0.5%. This is remarkably better as measured to the previous mechanism which provided an improvement of 25% for mortgage holders through the procedure which required 5 years and demanded a cost of 9% as said by Sahoo in a FICCI statement.

Speaking at the Conference on Insolvency and Bankruptcy code at Hong Kong, he stated that aiding the improvable firms which is the prime purpose of IBC; its scheme under the code has managed to provide 200% of liquidation worth for the creditors. He asserted that the reimbursement of debt is longer an alternative; it is a responsibility as patience for non-payment has faded away. “A stakeholder may begin Chartered Insolvency Resolution Process of the Company when it declines to service its liability, the code transfers control from the defaulter to the creditor for resolution of bankruptcy.

Through the course of resolution, the proprietorship frequently transfers to third persons. Thus, the holding of the company is no more a holy claim and valuation is no more the only alternative to buy a company as stated by the Chairperson of IBC. Sahoo further said that the mortgage holders also need to justify to themselves and their shareholder why they began a bankruptcy procedure in case of liquidation. The Chairperson acknowledged the role of Judiciary, Legislative organ and the regulators regarding the enactment of the code.

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