News By/Courtesy: Nikhil Verma | 09 May 2019 17:44pm IST

IT concern Mindtree notified stock exchanges that approximately 1.10 crore mortgage shares of company on March 20 were released, after orders from various debenture holders. The shares were mortgaged by Coffee Day Undertaking. Mindtree is in the middle of an acquisition tussle, with Larsen and Toubro seeking to take management of the Mid-sized IT concern. However, Mindtree’s supporters are against to the offered deal.  An aggregate of 1,10,19,467 equity shares at 6.71 percent stake were mortgaged in favor of Industrial Development Bank of India Trusteeship Services Limited have been released agreeable to the direction of various debenture holders of many Non convertible debentures issued, as informed by Mindtree in a filing to the trades.

IDBI trusteeship limited is the debenture custodian for distinct Non-convertible debentures furnished by Coffee Day Enterprises Limited. Coffee Day Enterprises had mortgage the shares of Mindtree. The mortgage shares were circulated on March 30, 2019 according to the filing. Previous week, Larsen and Toubro acquired around 20 percent stake of V.G. Siddhartha and Coffee Day undertaking in Mindtree through block merchandise for approximately Rs. 3,210 crore.

Larsen and Toubro apart from Café Coffee Day entrepreneur Siddhartha’s interest has also placed an order with dealers to purchase another 15 percent of Mindtree’s interest from the open market. Following these agreements, L&T would also make an accessible proposal to purchase further 31 percent interest through an open proposal through that is arranged to open at May 14.

Section Editor: Shreyashi Tiwari | 09 May 2019 17:49pm IST

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