News By/Courtesy: Harshit Sharma | 17 Jun 2019 0:41am IST

The Indian Monetary Advisory (IMA) Group lured in over 23,000 ordinary people, who were trying to save their hard earned money in the State of Karnataka to invest in investment schemes being run on Islamic principles or halal investments with higher returns with no loss. The incidence came to light when an audio clip was circulated in Whatsapp, wherein purportedly the founder-owner of the Company Mohammad Mansoor Khan threatened of committing suicide alleging several politicians and bureaucrats for not settling the loan borrowed from him. People rushed to the police stations with the audio clip which was also sent to the Police Commissioner, and over 13,000 complaints were filed in a period of just two days.

Concerning the seriousness of the issue, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy asked the Home Minister MB Patil to take necessary actions. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) was constituted which took charge of IMA's office on Thursday and sealed all the lockers and safety chests. Six Directors of the Company surrendered to the Police on the same day. Khan was called for an enquiry by the Central Crime Branch on June 6. On the said date, he appeared with his auditors and was questioned for about half an hour. Despite the close watch of the Police for over a week, he has managed to fly out to the UAE easily on the 08th of June.

It is being said that this would not have happened without the assistance of government authorities. A senior Karnataka Minster is being alleged of lobbying 600 crore Rupees for the bailout of Khan only to be shot down by an IAS officer later. Meanwhile, a petition has been filed by a 65-year-old investor in the High Court of Karnataka which has been taken up for urgent hearing and posted for hearing on Monday. The petitioner claims to have been cheated of his money; he claims to have put 10 lakh Rupees in IMA Jewels and IMAP Bullion and Trading in October 2018.



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