News By/Courtesy: Dhruv kapadia | 06 Aug 2019 23:11pm IST

In Kashmir there has been the internet services and telephone communications were totally shut down.Since Sunday there has been this communications shut down.After the section 144 was imposed by the authorities and with communication lockdown  as many Kashmiri students studying in different parts of the country are unable to connect to the families staying in kashmir.There as been heavy security across country  where the soldiers patrolled through the streets of Kashmir.There are many local websites of Kashmir which are not updated in this couple of days these websites are Kashmir Observer ,Kashmir Reader and greater Kashmir.These websites are revolves around all issues dealing with Kashmir three days ago.Some sites like the Kashmir reader may have news and problems dealing with 2 days ago problem.All the other media houses have not been success where they were not successfull in giving any news report from the ground.Many media person were told not to venture outsides on streets and may reported temporarily from hotel balcony.There is a sense of panic among the Kashmiri students where they expressed themselves to be  far away from their loved ones and and have no information about their family members.Many of these students have submitted an application  to dean student welfare  but there has been no reply from their side.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 08 Aug 2019 0:14am IST

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