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On Monday it has been announced by the Ministry of Coal that they have began the steps for the auctioning  27 coal mines.They have assigned 15 mines for the central Public Sector Undertaking.This also belongs to State Public sector Undertakings.The preceding aims got a  weak reaction  from the bidders.This had happened because of the bad prevailing market situations.More push has been given by the government of India for the auctioning  of the coal blocks.The intention or purpose of the  coal blocks getting auctioned is that where the auctioning for the end-use industries which are non regulated are 21 and those that are  restrained for  those in iron and steel is 6 coking coal mines.There is 1 mine in(Iron and steel),  9 for (sale of coal ) and 5(for the power section ) which are issued to the publcic sector undertakings.There will be an auctioning taking place in the electronic format.This will be taken place on the Metal Scrap Trading Corporation(MSTC).The Final time is 13 September 2019 for the  entering  the bid and the sale of tender.There is an Metal Scrap Trading Corporation platform where this bid will be taking place.This will take place during th period of October 10th and 8th November 2019.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 07 Aug 2019 23:43pm IST

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