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On tuesday the Jet airways employees had come along together.They did so as to protest at Delhi where till the time the bankruptcy resolution steps were not complete till then they wanted in the meantime a some financial aid. On the April 17 2019  it was seen that the once storied  full service  did not fly.According to AK Anthony there was a group of around nine thousand employees these employees included  engineers,pilot  and cabin crew.For the purpose of survival reasons a salary of one month should be paid this ws the view of the  consortium.Most of these Jet airways angry employees had assembled near the Jantar Manta at Delhi.The member of the consortium also feels that there should be a fast track in the this important resolution.It id also to be noted that there has been an extension of  for submitting ot giving the Expression of interest (EoIs).This additon has been made on the appeal obtained from prima -facie credible intererested  applicants for some extra time.

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 08 Aug 2019 0:05am IST

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