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Geographical indicationsGeographical indication tags are used on products in order to specify the geographic origin of the particular product. This is important because certain products earn their reputation because of the place where they belong. The Geographic Indication tag is given only when the qualities, characteristics, and reputation of the product is owed to the place of origin of the product. It is given to natural products such as products based out of agriculture and to handicrafts and industrial products as well. Application for rights can be either by a legal person or by a corporate or even by consumer associations producing the product in a particular geographical area. With the registration of the product for geographical indications, the rights of the producer or the group of producers in the market are protected.

With the advancement in technology, everything is undergoing reforms. People have more ideas than before to produce counterfeit products for substituting the original products and to commercial exploitation. The geographical indication was found as one of the solutions to this problem. It helps the genuine producers and manufacturers to avail premium cost fo their products, even though the market is competitive. Another advantage is that it prevents false practices of generating and selling low-quality duplicate goods—the GI tags which are given on registration help the customers in identifying the original product.

Some of the Indian Products that have successfully acquired a GI tag are as follows:

  1. Darjeeling Tea
  2. Lucknowi Chikankari clothes
  3. Nanjangud Bananas
  4. Rasgulla from West Bengal
  5. Basmati Rice
  6. Dharwad Peda

Why is Geographical Indication important?

  1. Boosts export- When the legal security increases for a particular product, it becomes exclusively available only in the particular area for which it is known. Therefore, the demand for that product increases, which in turn increased the exports.
  2. Economic Growth- When the product which is known for its reputation is protected legally, the producers become more confident to ask the price that the product is actually worth. When the full price is paid for the product, it, in turn, contributes to the economy of the country.
  3. Growth of Tourism- when a GI certification builds the reputation of a product, not only within the country but also internationally. In such situations. People come from various countries to see the place of origin of the reputed product. Through this, tourism flourishes in the country.

Therefore, for all these reasons, it becomes important to have a Geographical Indication Certification for an exotic product that belongs to a particular geographical location.

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