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Though mistakes are bound to happen they can be regulated, using the simple technique called poka-yoke. Originally developed in Japan Poka-Yoke is a part of Lean Management; Poka Yoke was initially referred to as Baka Yoke. This term was developed by Shigeo Shingo who was an engineer in Toyota, Poka Yoke refers to mistake-proof- in large manufacturing organizations it is quite obvious that defects or mistakes may creep in. poka-yoke functions in two ways, firstly it tries to eliminate mistakes and secondly, detects and sets them aside as soon as possible. In any sought of business some mistakes could bring in huge costs while others don't affect the enterprise so much, it is well preferred to eliminate them in the fists place. So, when products undergo the manufacturing process Poka-Yoke is used to check that they are properly developed. In every company, certain standards are set, and to ensure that one is adhering to the set standards it's necessary to have a proper control mechanism, poka-yoke is a part of this mechanism. As the word might seem complicated it is not necessary that techniques should also be very complex or integrate. Simple control mechanisms can also be used like manual checking to implement poka-yoke; maximum elimination will increase the profit of the company. A major advantage of mistake-proofing is its cost-effectiveness, it gets the right work to be done properly at a right time, the overall business effectiveness increases due to the reliability of the business, and finally, it provides for improvement continuously within the products. All sought of errors be it mechanical, machine-oriented, operating, processing, setup, measurement, or human can be rectified to give improved versions of defect-free products. Examples of Poka-Yoke: Some general poka-yoke techniques that we can observe include the automated machine that doesn't allow one to perform the next step without the previous being accomplished, for instance, the washing machine shall not function unless one locks the or properly or simply one can't start the car before pressing the clutch. In business, if an automatic machine is used for manufacturing any kind of product like bread, or packaging, etc- if the machine, unless all raw materials are not properly uploaded at correct points, the machine will not start its process. Hence, even if it is an assembly line industry; one can oversee to it that products are properly made by individuals. Add poka-yoke into simple activities to ensure defect-free implementation. 


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