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Adani group is an Indian multinational commingle. It also does infrastructure projects in India and also in other countries. So, the Adani group took a project for developing a port in the main city Yangon through a lease deal with military conglomerate Myanmar economic corporation. The Adani group is paying 30 million $ to Myanmar economic corporation. Then after this happening the Adani group gave a statement saying that when the human rights organization has put a claim on them saying that they have paid 30 million $ to Myanmar economic corporation then they have refuted saying that there is no such action has taken place. They further claimed to say that Whatever deal has happened it happened in an honest way. There are two activist groups one is the Australian group of international justice and the other one is the justice for Myanmar this group has said the Indian stock exchange saying that they have to take regulatory action against Adani ports for failing to vouchsafe its relationship with the military junta. The civil rights organization claims that the statement that they released is factually beguiling. And according to the civil rights group the deal they are having with the military corporation, so any shareholder of the Adani group these shareholders may get much international law, corruption, and reputational risk because this matter has been withheld. The MFC is controlled by the Myanmar armed forces that have been accused by the united nations of committing genocide and crimes against humanity. So, the Australian civil groups have said that more than 500 people have been killed in Myanmar due to a brutal crackdown on the protest against its coup to outcast civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Moreover, the US hit the MEC sanction last week citing that the MEC is a vital financial lifeline for the military junta. However, Adani ports maintain that the facts are being misrepresented. The timeline of acquisition against Adani ports – and subsequent denials. Three years ago the United Nations human rights council has issued a notification on Myanmar's economic corporation its relations with the military and there might be some further issues as at that time the issue of Rohingya was taking place. So they suggested that not doing the business is a much better option. But after 10 months Adani ports has entered into a built operation transfer agreement with Myanmar. This deal entails a Myanmar Adani port subsidiary. On this land, the Adani is constructing a container port and that land where it is constructing is controlled by the military. And in September 2019 after three months from the time being where the Adani group gets into a deal with the military-owned company to built a port. So right after this, the UNHRC listed out the corporations involved in MEC and they made a list of who is in the deal and many foreign companies have broken out the business relations. However, the Adani groups remain silent. But after that ABC Australian has claimed by sourcing the photos and videos where Adani ports chief executive Karan Adani with Myanmar general at Adani port. Then for this claim, the Adani groups replied saying that this is just a cultural courtesy and a customary practice. And Adani port gave a final statement saying that meeting the groups were speaking is just a formality and customary practice but specifically there is no specific engagement with them. And the built transfer project which was taken up that was taken without the involvement of the military people.


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