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As corona virus cases in India are increasing, especially in Maharashtra. Maharashtra which saw a rise of cases of over 63,000 cases and 381 death on Sunday is reported to be even considering a two-week lockdown again. And if lockdown happens here the and a big impact on the economic activities as the state is a big industrial hub of the country and the total impact is seen on the overall GDP of the country. So, this is one of the reasons for the Sensex crash. The Sensex and Nifty have already fallen more than 3% now. But the most important thing is that in India the new cases that are coming are recorded as 1.68 lakh cases recorded per day. This is a new record set of new coronavirus cases in 24hrs. over the last week, the daily increase in cases rose from around 1lakh on April 4th and around 1.75 cases yesterday. so in between when the cases started to drop the Brazil came in the second most affected place globally by the corona virus. And now again India has overtaken Brazil and because of this, another impact was there was a great fall in the value of the rupee. It has crossed 75. And its direct impact is shown on the financial sectors like Bajaj finances, SBI, etc. So here when business is suffered then their manufacturing doe does not rise then the loan that they have taken from the bank they will not be able to pay. So that is the reason mainly the financial sector crashes down. Industrial activity. The continued rise in the covid19 cases over the last few weeks also had an impact on the industrial segment and the Indian manufacturing sector activity has weakened sharply since March. And recently the purchasing manager's index which is released by the I H S Markit India which is released for manufacturing in that for the seven months it is of the lowest that is of 55.4 in March in February it was 57.5. so slowly it is indicating that we can see a downfall in the manufacturing sector as well. This slowdown we can see because due to an increase in cases there may be restrictions and factories will be set to be closed. Yield surge US treasury yields climbed on Friday after higher-than-expected march producer price data showed inflation had risen, echoing other reports that said the world economy was on a steady road on recovery from the pandemic. So, this affects our country in a way. So, all these are the effects of the Sensex crash.


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