News By/Courtesy: Dhruv kapadia | 06 Aug 2019 11:26am IST

There has been an establishment of an high quality course in the field of Fashion and Interior Design .This course has been conveyed through the JD institute of Fashion and Technology.This intitute has announced to push or thrive in Goa with the introduction of its campus in Goa.This institute will start on lectures on Bsc in interior design and also in Fashion and Apparel Design.The lectures will commence this year itself from 2019.Thus in order to become the very source or heart  of creativity in that particular sector the JD institute of Fashion and technology has affiliated or associated with the Goa university.Generally Goa is a  place  which is known for its tourism but its expanding to becoming the nucleas of educational centre.The practcial advice will be given to these students enrolling in the course  and they will be be given advice from the indutry experts where studenst will recevive market worth syallbus .The director of the JD educational trust said that now goa will not only be known for tourism but also known for being the heart or epicentre of fashion where the beaches and the vast oceans will trigger the imagination and creaticity of the young fashion students.Also this will help to provide more employment  it will help to expand and develop the export houses and huge support to entrepreneurs .

Section Editor: Kaushal B. Shah | 06 Aug 2019 12:58pm IST

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