News By/Courtesy: Asif Iqbal | 20 Oct 2018 18:10pm IST

If the water strikes of tankers continuous for a longer period, it can create problems to Information technology corridor sharply because of the densely populated residential areas of the city which are rubbing shoulders with the IT Companies. The sudden situation has formed the rigorous problem for the management with which they have to come out, and need to decipher groundwater’s poor quality which can create the severe disease to the people and deficiency of piped water supply. The residential association wants people to think twice, before using water for terrace cleaning, washing vehicles and gardening. Certain residential associations in OMR & ECR wants IT companies should allow their employees to work from home subsequent ambiguity of mediation talks. There are several residential associations which are not in support to allow employees to work from residence; instead, it will lead to encumber in prerequisite of water.

Section Editor: Priyanshu Gupta | 20 Oct 2018 18:19pm IST

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