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The abattoirs which were shut down in back in 2012 due to lack of hygiene and poor waste management system by Pollution Control Board, are still closed in 2018. The city council made several suggestions to the government for re-opening the slaughterhouses, but the government has turned them down claiming they are expensive suggestions.

While the city, still does not have a stable and hygienic source for meat, the government is still maintaining the stand of keeping the slaughterhouses closed. The corporation tried to raise funds from Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board(KIFB), but not too much success.

The corporation has been seizing stale meat since the shutdown in 2012, regularly. The officials said that the Kerala State Suchitwa Mission has been requested to come up with a new DPR to build a smaller facility.

“A centralised abattoir was a good idea when the city was smaller. Now, it makes more sense to come up with many smaller abattoirs. So Kunnukuzhy abattoir will be a minimalistic one, “said an official of health standing committee.

When the abattoirs were closed, they were providing almost 800kg of meat to the city. The corporation in 2016 prepared a detailed project report (DPR) for a Rs 25 crore abattoir in talks with Veterinary College, Pookkode. The facility was expected to be able to slaughter up to 100 cattle and 300 goats a day. However, due to lack of funds, the program has not been started yet.

Section Editor: Megha Bhatia | 13 Feb 2018 0:31am IST

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