News By/Courtesy: Archita Chaubal | 01 Mar 2018 23:43pm IST

A self-styled prophet who sprayed his followers in the face insecticide as a “cure” for illness has been fined by a South African court.

The court found Pastor Lethebo Rabalago guilty of five charges of grievous assault and contravening chemicals laws. The Sowetan daily reported that he was awarded a four year imprisonment or R. 21,000 ($7,000) fine.  

Edmund Lubusi, Rabalago’s lawyer said that his client would pay the fine. “We have made an arrangement that my client will pay 3,000 rand in instalments every month until the fine is fully paid,” said Lubusi.

Rabalago used “Doom,” a household insecticide on his followers which earned him the title “Prophet of Doom”.

Photographs of the Pastor spraying his volunteers at his church in Limpopo went viral on social media in 2016. He claimed that he was “glorifying God” at the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA) church. He said, “Everything here on earth belongs to God. Petrol belongs to God. Doom belongs to God.”

He further claimed that some people were healed of various medical complaints after spraying the insecticide. However, some people suffered from side effects for months.

The manufacturers of Doom, Brand Tigers issued a statement calling on Rabalago to immediately stop his ritual healing, stressing on the dangers of the usage of those products on humans.

Section Editor: Megha Bhatia | 02 Mar 2018 1:02am IST

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