News By/Courtesy: Priyanka Gautam | 06 Nov 2017 15:57pm IST

The Delhi health government has banned the sale of hookah in non-smoking zone as well as smoking zone this Tuesday. The government has issued a circular which bans hookah with immediate effect. The ban will affect many restaurants, lounges and bars, as they won’t be allowed to serve hookahs. The health minister Mr. Satyendra Jain has passed an order directing Delhi Police and the Municipal Corporations to revoke the licences of the places where hookah is being. An invasion by the Delhi Tobacco Control Cell into these hookah places in various parts of Delhi led to the conclusion that nicotine was present in significant amount and it was claimed to be herbal with no side effects to the health.

The presence of nicotine in huge amount makes it clear that it is more harmful than cigarette because when a person smokes a cigarette it only lasts for 5-8 minutes whereas on the other hand, hookah session lasts for over 45-60 minutes thus resulting in intake of more smoke.

The hookah smoke contains much higher level of toxic compounds when compared to the smoke of cigarettes. Dr. S.K. Arora head of the Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell has complained police many times for curbing the sale of hookahs but now concrete action was taken till now. Mr. Jain has assured that the position will change, as the government will ensure complete implementation of the order.


| 06 Nov 2017 15:57pm IST

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