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Recently, Upendra Kushwaha narrated new recipe for ‘Kheer’ has created a buzz all around. Upendra is a minister in the Prime Minister’s cabinet. He has also been getting feelers from Lalu Yadav’s government which he hasn’t being made much attention to. Even though seat sharing, which can be called the main course in Bihar in undecided, Upendra has decided on the dessert before the main result is out, which is Kheer.

On Saturday, while celebrating the 100th anniversary of BP Mandal,  the former Chief Minister of Bihar who is also the famous author of the Mandal Commsssion that had made the recommendation of 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC) has said how we can prepare ‘kheer’ with milk that has been taken from Yadav’s and rice taken from the Kushwahas. The reference can be linked to how Yadavs are known for rearing cows and Kushwahas are agriculturalists. He further added other ingredients tho his sweet dish by bringing in sugar from Brahmins, dry fruits from Dalits and Backward classes and Dalists and Tulsi from Choudharyji (referring to Bhudev Choudhary, the Bihar Chief Minister).

He then told everyone that after these ingredients, everyone can relish this delicacy together. This gesture by the Minister is being seen as a sweet one and is said to bring him a few seats in the coming elections. Mr. Khushwaha has other demands he has laid down in front of BJP which are yet to be reverted back to which include a slot as the NDA's chief ministerial candidate. He is raising other issues like equal representations to all castes in the Judiciary which is similar to what the opposition is asking for too. Bihar BJP chief has reminded Mr. Khushwah how neither rice nor milk belongs to any caste.


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