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Any festivities in India are incomplete without one thing, Sweets. Sweets are an important part of any celebration taking place India. Every region in India mostly has their own sweet delicacy which they may be famous for like Agra’s Petha or Rajasthan’s Ghevar. They are famous all over India. From these sweets also flourish the shops that sell these sweets. Any festival is a flourishing season for them as every person in the city wants the best sweets and thus the fight to make the best for all begins. The competition among these sellers is high as it is very difficult to establish your mark in this market due to the large number of sellers in the market. Thus, the sellers do their best to reach the customers first by making their product more appealing. One such shop in Surat has reached another level in trying to lure its customers.

We all know about the silver leaf that covers many sweets which makes it look really pretty. But this shop sells its sweets with a gold leaf. But, this is not just any leaf or just colour but it is actually a 24 carat pure gold leaf. These sweets have a special name, ‘Gold sweets’.  The shop is rightly called ’24 Carats Mithai Magic’. The sweets are sold a high price of Rs. 9000 per kilogram. A customer stated that the shop informed them that the sweets were good for their health.

The owner of the shop that is Prince Mithaiwala, informed that all these sweets were made only after keeping the benefits of gold in mind. These sweets have become the centre of attention for all the customers who have been visiting the shop. With Rakshabandhan right around the corner, people have been buying this delicacy a lot.

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